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Maxi Winter Jackets

Maxi Winter Jacket 2018 Models

Ever seen the new Maxi Jackets winter 2018? This novelty has just arrived, and it’s very different pieces to complete your Winter Look, and also to leave you with more options and varieties in clothes to wear. Nowadays we know that we need elegance and also comfort so that we can dress well this winter. Even though it is not easy to combine these two characteristics, but fashion is always trying to innovate and bring everything that is most interesting for people to dress well and without going cold. Continue reading Maxi Winter Jackets

Giving Up On Casual Clothes To Work

We receive many emails and comments from young men who work at companies that do not require a formal dress code, but who wish to, even though casual, let your more elaborate visuals, perfecting the combinations of everyday life in this article we will talk about parts that can give an “up” on your work look and still ride a relaxed combo, see below: Continue reading Giving Up On Casual Clothes To Work

How to Customize Flag Football Jerseys

Flag football, which is not as physical as the game real football, uses similar shirts during the game. While the filling is not always used for this friendly, sport the jerseys each team member uses are. Customizing jerseys football flag to make the team stand out is not difficult or expensive. Using a variety of iron-on letters, which can be purchased at a craft store for less than $5 per package, you can customize any shirt with the team name, player number and the player’s name. Continue reading How to Customize Flag Football Jerseys

10 Plaid Shirt Models For The Winter

Winter is the ideal time for certain types of chess, especially those that benefit from dark and cold tones to create beautiful combinations, calling attention almost immediately. In this post we will show some shirts with patterns that match well with the season approaching and suggest some combinations with jeans, blazers, jackets and even costumes. Continue reading 10 Plaid Shirt Models For The Winter

9 Things That The Brazilian Ignores In Men’s Fashion

There are several factors that influence the use of a particular trend or ask in fashion as cultural issues, weather or even prejudice, any dissonance can exclude from the wardrobe of the Brazilian man even the most fashionable clothes and accessories. Continue reading 9 Things That The Brazilian Ignores In Men’s Fashion