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Female Shirt for Winter

2012 Winter-Fashion Shirts For Women

Fashion always elects some parts as the darlings of the seasons, the time or the consuming public. Now, everyone please keep in your closet a shirt, what seemed, until recently, be a piece of clothing compatible with the more mature women and suitable only to go to work, now part of looks in different styles. Do you know what shirt models are having success in winter 2012? Continue reading Female Shirt for Winter

Stay on Top of Current Fashion Trends

With men increasingly interested in maintaining the elegance, style and good looks, the men’s fashion has developed with great strides. Nowadays, men of all ages and all styles are always attuned to trends. For this year, sets both will bring news as repeated some figures of the previous year. Want to know exactly what are we talking about? Because that’s why we have prepared this post with interesting tips to leave your modern style in 2016. So be sure to follow! Continue reading Stay on Top of Current Fashion Trends

Tips on Looks with Men’s Sweater

Tips for looks with a men’s sweater – Spring is already approaching but, since the days are still with that cold winter air, we can talk about some trends that also accompanied the season of the cold. Today we’ll talk a little more about the men’s sweater ( we talked about it this winter ), which is a very versatile and pleasing to many men. It can be used on very cold days, as well as on cooler days, because even if it is knitted, wool or knitted, it does not usually heat so much. Check out our tips on looks with a men’s sweater and make your look even more stylish! Continue reading Tips on Looks with Men’s Sweater

Small Bowl Shirt Emblazoned

Please note that the design of the mold of small bowl emblazoned shirt does not have sewing value has to be added. Only the templates that are to print sewing value.

Analyze in detail the design of the mould of the blouse. This shirt is simple, so young, relaxed and elegant, favors all kinds of bodies. The measures correspond to the size 44 in Portugal and in Brazil 46. Continue reading Small Bowl Shirt Emblazoned

Maxi Winter Jackets

Maxi Winter Jacket 2018 Models

Ever seen the new Maxi Jackets winter 2018? This novelty has just arrived, and it’s very different pieces to complete your Winter Look, and also to leave you with more options and varieties in clothes to wear. Nowadays we know that we need elegance and also comfort so that we can dress well this winter. Even though it is not easy to combine these two characteristics, but fashion is always trying to innovate and bring everything that is most interesting for people to dress well and without going cold. Continue reading Maxi Winter Jackets

Giving Up On Casual Clothes To Work

We receive many emails and comments from young men who work at companies that do not require a formal dress code, but who wish to, even though casual, let your more elaborate visuals, perfecting the combinations of everyday life in this article we will talk about parts that can give an “up” on your work look and still ride a relaxed combo, see below: Continue reading Giving Up On Casual Clothes To Work