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Men’s Fashion Bag

Until a few years ago, fashion was easily summed up in pants, shorts, shirts and t-shirts with their details like user-defined. Today, although the simplicity is maintained in most men, it is possible to see new models standing out and making the men’s clothing more diverse. But there is still a huge cause prejudice to your immediate membership in the female audience: the bag.

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Pks Girl Virtual Clothing Store!

Everybody asks me where I buy my clothes on the net, tcharammmm, today I will present to you the map of mima kkkkkk. As many know, I get all day browsing, looking for news and of course as I’m not made of iron, camp also several pieces, of the most beautiful and unique to various places! It’s been sometime since I get some pieces on the site, so I couldn’t leave out this store! You know that when you see your heart beats stronger? When they ask me I say that it was so with the PKS Girl, a love affair without end, when I made my first purchase was anxious, what woman doesn’t like a little shopping? kkkkkkk. But when we arrived and I was really in love, the fabric, the finish, all of top quality. Continue reading Pks Girl Virtual Clothing Store!

Summer Shorts Outfit

This outfit was created at the suggestion of blogger Sonja commented on the day of the striped shirts that she would also see these shorts with bare legs. Requested – done – on July 11, I have shown this picture collage on Instagram and made the Jay or nay question – you can see the comments on Instagram . Even though I felt very much at home on the day in a casual outfit, I was surprised about the positive feedback on the image. Maybe the flag have not dared, to write something… Continue reading Summer Shorts Outfit

Look with Zebra Skirt Cardigan

When it comes to mix prints, almost no one uses as an example the harmonisation between prints t-shirts and stamped parts. And This is one of the most common mistakes that I see out there: looks strange because the person did not match the colour (s) between the design of the shirt and the stamped piece complement (skirt, shorts, pants, coat, turban, etcs). Continue reading Look with Zebra Skirt Cardigan

How To Use Male Shorts In Summer

With the arrival of summer also comes the need to create an innovative visual with as little as possible, especially in Brazil where most men opt for bermuda as official apparel of the days of heat. In this post we’ll show you a guide to choosing male shorts that have more respect with your style and how to combine it with other pieces. See below:

1-hit the length of shorts

On the left, passed a little bit of business, but is still usable, the middle one is perfect and the one on the right is borderline, but it’s also ok. Continue reading How To Use Male Shorts In Summer

Sports Direct Swim Shorts Mens

Men’s shorts for swimming or sports you can buy online in our store here.

In this short article we will introduce new models of men’s shorts with different functions. High demand enjoy brand shorts Spaniards. They are characterized by very high quality are produced in the factories of the brand in Barcelona and Portugal. This ensures their high quality compared to other manufacturers who use factories in China or other Asian countries. This was the main feature of the mark addicted to fall in our catalog and begin to sell it. We do not want to compromise on quality.

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