Lace Collar – Trend

How To Use Shirt With Lace On The Collar-Trend The shirts are with everything, now we have more in our wardrobe basic white or black only, with no interesting detail. Patterns, textures and details take care of new shirts. A template is doing very successfully, are shirts with lace collar, already has your?


Summer Fashion Blouses

Trends Of Sweaters-Summer 2013 The most talked about topic of the moment is about fashion trends for spring/summer 2013. We’ve talked about shoes, accessories, swimwear and much more, now is the time of blouses. They are very important, since we’ve used many looks composed two pieces, always a skirt/Shorts/Pants and blouse.


Accessories for Summer

Trend-Accessories For Spring/Summer 2013 Despite the cold be just starting, no mention of anything else in the fashion world than the trends for spring/summer 2013. In addition to the stakes for clothes and shoes, is also very important that we know what kinds of accessories will be used in the hottest season of the year. Rings, earrings, […]


Dresses for Teens

Dresses For Young People Adolescence is a stage of life where everything is beautiful, everything is party, anything is possible. This can be reflected also in the mode of dress. The girls want everything to be perfect and beauty is essential in this step. Want a more feminine and beautiful than a dress? Here are a few options of […]


Summer Clothing Female

Fashion Summer 2013-Trends In Clothes Spring has arrived and with it, we are increasingly close to the official start of summer 2013. So, as we women can’t wait for the heat to renew the wardrobe, anticipating everything will be high, so any time we can find a piece or two that will be a hit.


Sawary Jeans Jackets, Models, Prices, Where to Buy

You already know that Sawary is the brand that sells jeans the most in Brazil. This is due to the quality and irreverence of the pieces, which meet all tastes and styles and value the woman’s body. For winter 2011, Sawary comes with everything with the new line of jackets, exploring all the sensuality and […]


Demi – Season – What To Wear

What Clothes To Wear In Mid-Season? The mid-season just quit giving way to winter where the weather is milder, requiring the use of warmer clothes. But as fashion goes beyond the present moment, already we are thinking, of course, next spring and summer. What do you usually use in the fall or spring? See tips and clothing combinations […]