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Olympus Tg Tracker, a Sport 4K for Hostile Terrain Camera

Ultra HD video, stabilization, enhanced design, adjustable screen… Olympus made a grand entrance on the market of the Sports cameras.

A new player, Olympus are the action-cam market. This well known manufacturer in the world of photography sells the TG-Tracker, a rather high-end model, sold for 350 euros. More affordable than the last GoPro Hero5 Black, but a little more expensive than the Hero5 Session, the Olympus model deserves your attention, as our tests confirm it.

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New Smart Phone Ranking at Xonio

We have preferred the spring-cleaning and now completely overhauled our smart phone test procedures.

New features such as UMTS, mobile TV or video calls now play a more important role than before. Not change has however, that your needs absolutely in the foreground are: only if the user from a device feature have a real advantage, there are points for it.Then, a Smart phone will receive additional points for example for the data Turbo EDGE if the German mobile networks really support the technology. Continue reading New Smart Phone Ranking at Xonio

P9 Lite Is a Top Phone for Spenders

The Huawei P9 Lite is a Smart phone that is good similar to his upper-class model, but cost only half. n-tv.de shows what the China price hit can and where Huawei has saved.

Who was going to pay much money for a Smart phone in the past, had to make usually significant cuts in service, facilities and quality compared to the expensive top devices. This has now clearly changed, also for less than 300 euros, you get a Smart phone where you actually miss anything except some luxury nowadays. Huawei has delivered a large contribution to this development, which has turned with the mark of honor and the Lite versions of its flagships in upper middle class vigorously at the price screw and the competition under pressure. Continue reading P9 Lite Is a Top Phone for Spenders