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New Smart Phone Ranking at Xonio

We have preferred the spring-cleaning and now completely overhauled our smart phone test procedures.

New features such as UMTS, mobile TV or video calls now play a more important role than before. Not change has however, that your needs absolutely in the foreground are: only if the user from a device feature have a real advantage, there are points for it.Then, a Smart phone will receive additional points for example for the data Turbo EDGE if the German mobile networks really support the technology. Continue reading New Smart Phone Ranking at Xonio

P9 Lite Is a Top Phone for Spenders

The Huawei P9 Lite is a Smart phone that is good similar to his upper-class model, but cost only half. n-tv.de shows what the China price hit can and where Huawei has saved.

Who was going to pay much money for a Smart phone in the past, had to make usually significant cuts in service, facilities and quality compared to the expensive top devices. This has now clearly changed, also for less than 300 euros, you get a Smart phone where you actually miss anything except some luxury nowadays. Huawei has delivered a large contribution to this development, which has turned with the mark of honor and the Lite versions of its flagships in upper middle class vigorously at the price screw and the competition under pressure. Continue reading P9 Lite Is a Top Phone for Spenders

Positive Bets on Smart phone Octa

Brazilian company with 1.5% share of the domestic market want to become a local leader in the coming years

National manufacturer of computers and, most recently, smart phones, the Positive launched this Tuesday (24) featured more positive your Octa, octa-core processor device that runs Android 4.4. Made by MediaTek, the MT6592 of 1.4 GHz chipset enables the eight cores working simultaneously. This means that the processor delivers a better performance in activities that require advanced games such as multiprocessing, for example. According to the MediaTek, the True-Core has a “sustainable performance” thanks to CorePilot, who monitors the temperature and energy consumption. Continue reading Positive Bets on Smart phone Octa

Tips for a Relaxing Holiday with Mobile Phone

In June 2017, EU roaming charges are to be abolished with reservations. This makes traveling within the Union more pleasant. We have put together a few tips on the subject of mobile and holiday for you, so that you can enjoy your trip in the best mood in the future.

We have already broken down what is going on about EU roaming as of June 15th . Instead of giving you more regulation and an exception to serve, it is now about tips outside the Roaming-topic, which you should consider for a successful vacation with mobile phone. Continue reading Tips for a Relaxing Holiday with Mobile Phone

Zepp Play Football on Test: the Tracker for Soccer Players

For years, I have been looking for a suitable tracker for my weekly football activities. Now we were able to test a suitable device extensively with the Zepp Play Football. If you just run straight and still in the fresh air, for a relatively accurate tracking can simply take the smart phone or a smart watch with you on the journey. In sports like football, however, it is already more complex, because GPS tracking falls in a hall and even under the open sky is such a thing. Continue reading Zepp Play Football on Test: the Tracker for Soccer Players