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The New Looks of Pull and Bear for This Autumn

We continue with the usual tonic major commercial firms for this fall in which to lookbooks and models It concerns. Have not ceased to teach the new contributions of some large market as Zara, Massimo Dutti and Bershka that, far from present us their collections as always, have decided to take them to ‘ time ’ with lookbooks in their formal and casual, collections focused on a specific month with styles and variants which adapt to the time that can be done at that time. Continue reading The New Looks of Pull and Bear for This Autumn

Tips on Looks with Men’s Sweater

Tips for looks with a men’s sweater – Spring is already approaching but, since the days are still with that cold winter air, we can talk about some trends that also accompanied the season of the cold. Today we’ll talk a little more about the men’s sweater ( we talked about it this winter ), which is a very versatile and pleasing to many men. It can be used on very cold days, as well as on cooler days, because even if it is knitted, wool or knitted, it does not usually heat so much. Check out our tips on looks with a men’s sweater and make your look even more stylish! Continue reading Tips on Looks with Men’s Sweater

Ready Sneakers for Summer

By Maya H. | Gdlstreets

Since this time I have no moral, and my editor never change my column name to “Chronicles of a blogger”, so I feel limited, but in the end this post is rather about tennis, if so, I thought of them because long ago I don’t buy one good as 6 months, what I have is that I have forgotten its stocks, and just last week I saw tennis very stylish people and I got to see a little of the trends for this season. Continue reading Ready Sneakers for Summer

How to Be Stylish without Heel!

The high heels makes you feel more beautiful and powerful that nobody can deny, but some days we wake up on a vibe plus stripped, beautiful, comfortable to feel at ease, it is possible? Y EEESSSS!! The jump today is almost unanimous in time to assemble a look to enjoy a ballad, but today I came to show that this is changing and that we can Yes diversify (and) be stylish and mount looks awesome, but in a muiiiiiito more comfortable that woman doesn’t like to be comfortable and beautiful at the same time?! Continue reading How to Be Stylish without Heel!

Ju Paes and Gio Antonelli Wear a Jacket, Skirt and Sneakers

Jeans jacket, loose skirt and sneakers. Do you have the three wildcard items in your closet? Have you tried uniting them in a look? For the combination stripped down and full of style was the bet of Juliana Paes and Giovanna Antonelli. How about copying the actresses? Check out our tips below: Continue reading Ju Paes and Gio Antonelli Wear a Jacket, Skirt and Sneakers

Sneaker Women’s Tennis Shoes

The fever of the moment in relation to women’s shoes is sneaker shoes, which have attention-grabbing features, and more, are authentic models that can be associated with various modern and casual looks, this way we have to know how to associate them with the pieces of clothes, because as he always makes the line more casual, but also falls very well with more formal clothes, we have to find the balance necessary for the look, so read. Continue reading Sneaker Women’s Tennis Shoes