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Mwc 2015: The Latest Smartphones&Tablets

In Barcelona, ​​the technology is going on again-until Thursday the Mobile World Congress runs and has already brought us some technical highlights. Therefore, I would like to keep you from the novelties in the smartphone and tablet area and have made a selection of the most exciting products in my opinion. Continue reading Mwc 2015: The Latest Smartphones&Tablets

Best Way to Use TouchPad

Can the touchpad to be a relevant educational tool in schools? For two years, the Academy of Grenoble leads a global experiment to determine the interest in this terminal, whose use comes additionally with educational tools “classics” such as textbooks. Yael Briswalter, school inspector and adviser CTBT to the Rector of the Academy of Grenoble, and therefore responsible for the development of digital pedagogy and organization of teacher training in this field, sharing its experience the integration of this terminal in the first and second degree institutions, providing inputs and also its limits.

  • Landmarks
    • Grenoble Academy: national experiment “digital tablet”
    • digital tablets used

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