The Black Shirt

It is a basic garments for both mininmalistiska architects flair trying fashion designers. Swedish sports journalists wearing it along with contrasting tie, like the knot in extreme style. The black shirt combines the international playboys with manic pedants.

Girls have their little black dress. We guys have the black shirt. Free stylish for both summer and winter. Modest and boring choice, some think, even if it is difficult to do without such in all modes, forgiving and simple garments. The simplest and most successful tend to be wearing it straight off without a lot of frills. Many would, however, like to test other possibilities.

The combination of black shirt and bright tie has evolved into a fairly common occurrence. Certainly when The Hives are doing it with his bombastic attitude it works. When someone tries to apply the same combination of Peter Jihde , however, it becomes a flat case. Fagersta rock together with Swedish television anchor is simply no successful combination. TV4 ‘s stylists seem to have a bold approach to how a black shirt can be combined. Last in line was Peter Swartling that matched his black shirt with the nuclear green tie.

The truth is that a black shirt is not entirely easy to carry along with the tie, but often becomes a little too much masked with gangster theme.Even if it’s boring to set up rules for fashion, there is a score in the to never wear a tie that is lighter than the shirt. A bright tie on black base is a very sharp contrast which can disharmonisera the entire outfit.Thus, a dark shirt worn with a dark tie. If you are not a juror in Idol then.

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