Yerka, the Bicycle Impossible to Steal

Three Chileans say they have solved a problem that is too frequent and haunts cyclists’ dreams. They created YERKA, a bicycle they say is impossible to steal.

Bicycle thefts are so frequent that it is likely that you or a friend has already happened. As a global problem, three Chilean entrepreneurs designed YERKA, a bicycle that guarantees to be the first bicycle impossible to steal. In order for a malefactor to take the bike with him, the breeders guarantee, it will have to be sawed in half, rendering it unusable.

One of YERKA’s inventors saw his bike stolen not once but twice.Before it happened a third time, it allied itself to two colleagues of the university and created the design and a prototype of a bicycle whose bottom of the frame opens and the aluminum of the saddle is used to block the bicycle to a pole or tree. Without the need for padlocks, the bike gets stuck in less than 10 seconds, say the creators. It is also quick to unlock the system in order to use the bike.

Cristóbal Cabello, Andrés Roi Eggers and Juan José Monsalve, aged between 22 and 24, started with a $ 100,000 investment from a state fund for entrepreneurship and, to produce in quantity, used crowdfunding through the Indiegogo website .

During the campaign, 197 bicycles have already been sold, half of which are from the USA. The first 100 bikes were sold at $ 400 and then the price increased to $ 500 per unit. The idea is to raise the price to 600 dollars, including some bluetooth technology to associate an app in the mobile phone and a reinforced system to prevent the theft of the wheels.

“Over the next four years, our goal is to sell almost 300 units a month, worldwide,” say the founders of the startup. “But the most important thing is that our customers say the bike is fantastic. We liked it and we will pass word”.

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