CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management which translates into Spanish as Managing customer relationships. It indicates both a strategy, a process or a system in the field of marketing as well as software created for this purpose. In Internet Dictionary, the CRM system is characterized by putting the relationship with the customer first. It is an effective marketing strategy because it maintains its fidelity through high satisfaction.

CRM system

CRM systems aim at strategic customer management. In this sense, the system must maintain a database with key information in order to track each client. In this way, customer confidence is maintained by having their needs identified and, on the other hand, the information can be used to implement new strategies for customer loyalty.

CRM software

The software CRM are computing platforms that help in managing relationships with customers to the strategic objectives of marketing. There are many types of CRM and the most appropriate will depend on the needs of the company. However, the most commonly used types of CRM software are:

  • Operational CRM: it is more oriented to the commercial field or sales forcesales force ) and its great advantage is the unification and structuring of databases.
  • Analytical CRM: uses the data mining technique, whose focus is the analysis of the data for the creation of new strategies that the software can suggest.
  • Collaborative CRM: the client directly contributes the data that will be processed.
  • Real estate CRM: creates cross references between available properties and potential clients.

Marketing, also known by its name in English marketing, refers to the set of principles and practices implemented around the marketing of a product, good or service, with the aim of generating an increase in its demand. By extension, marketing is also known as the discipline that is responsible for studying, analyzing and classifying the procedures and resources of this area. The word marketing, as such, is a word that is composed with the words “market”, from the Latin mercātus , and “-technic”, from the Greek τέχνη (téjne), which means ‘technical quality’.

International marketing

International marketing is known as the set of practices and strategies aimed at promoting and marketing a product or service from a multinational or global perspective. International marketing is implemented based on market studies that allow us to understand how to introduce, adapt, standardize and retain a product for different markets and cultural realities, according to the behavior of its consumers. In this sense, international marketing should not be understood as mere export.

Social marketing

Social marketing is a work philosophy that consists in articulating the fundamental practices of marketing, but with special emphasis on increasing or maintaining social welfare, individual health and environmental protection, without neglecting the dynamics of their own of the promotion and commercialization of the product, the satisfaction of the needs of the consumers, and the consequent obtaining of benefits that this generates.

In this sense, social marketing favors ethical criteria, such as respect for laws, environmental protection and health care for its consumers.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is a commercial communication strategy that seeks to reach the consumer and interact with it in different ways: correspondence (traditional and electronic), telephone calls, and announcements in traditional media, such as radio, television or the press. Through advertising, direct marketing seeks to establish immediate contact, without an intermediary, with the potential consumer, so that he, in turn, can acquire the product without having to go to a store.

Sales by catalog, television or mail are a clear example of this system, which should not be confused with personal sales.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a novel branch of marketing that uses the internet and mobile telephony as promotion and distribution channels for the marketing of its products, goods or services, while seeking to establish an interactive and lasting communication with its consumers. Basically, its advertising, promotion and sales spaces are limited to the Internet and use all the resources it offers to capture its customers: websites, banners, social networks, blogs, email, videos, webinars or video conferences , podcasting and SMS messaging.



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