1 Couleur Eye Gloss “Tan” (First Impressions + Swatches)

I picked up the most interesting part of the “Croisette” summer collection by Dior for the final – so now all the products I got sent for testing, are presented.I’ve linked you other colors in the respective post and so still in the connection.

Today, it’s about the 1 Couleur eye gloss in “Tan” color. This is just one of three colors – there are still “seashell”, “Azur” and “Sunset”. On the Internet I could find only reviews to “Sunset”, E.g. When → Sindyshowing also one of Dior Addict Lipsticks, namely “Palace”.

The opinions about the eye glosses is somewhat divided. At → Claudia , I read that she was very unhappy with the durability, I therefore had no problems, am even excited. But this now more.

The packaging:
The eye gloss is located in a blue cardboard box with the usual information. So name and content, but also information on the ingredients and the durability can be found here. Also, the words “Water Resistant”.

The eye gloss itself is located in a lip gloss-like vial. In fact, everything is a little lip gloss-breathed here. The bottle is transparent and the included nuance visible. Front inscription “1 Couleur eye gloss” is due to the cover, which has imprinted the CD logo top in silver -.
Below the usual stickers with product number, content and origin.

Is funny to the eye gloss of even the applicator, which also looks like a lip gloss.

Ingredients according to packaging:

The content:
6 ml with an official shelf life of 6 months are included.
The price is about €26,-.

It says Dior to the eye glosses:

The product:
The eye gloss sparkles and glitters but again much more already in the vial already beautiful – skin! You must really like this extreme glitter! I must honestly say that I’m actually not a big fan of such glittery stuff, but here I like it quite well. The effect on the eyelid is really beautiful and is not cheap despite the many glitter.

The texture is comfortable to handle – with your finger. To do this, I give you the amount, which is located on the applicator on the back of the hand and then use your ring finger to apply to eyelid.
The consistency is very creamy, almost fluffy moussig and processed are virtually by itself. When applied, the color is slightly toned down, not quite as intense. Also layers of relatively little help.

Ink transfer enough personally, too strong I’d then probably you too much, because it’s already a pretty bronz tone and he’d look so intense not good on me.

The durability was – with base! -with me really top. Nothing has slipped into the wrinkles and everything has remained there, where it should be. No glitter party in the face, no colour shifting or smudging.
As a base I used fluid that sheer by Giorgio Armani this, which is really top!

Swatches and carrying photo:

My conclusion:
I like the eye gloss. Goes especially well with the rest of the collection. Together with the Sun powder is certainly a nice combination (at the look above I used however an other bronzer). It can be processed with powdery textures and is thereby not cakey. I had no problems with the durability and that makes portable it for me also in the summer when high temperatures. To the water resistance I can say nothing (honestly I wouldn’t wear even something in the swimming pool etc.). Under the faucet, he survived only if the water easily draufplätschelt, with the scratch, but completely giving up. Leaving a slight shimmer, a little fine glitter, but not a bit of color. Thus he fails at this point (and not even worth a swimming test!).

Because for me, that would be no reason to buy at the eye gloss, which I don’t mind actually – but who want a waterproof product, should look at times other cream eyeshadow – there are beautiful glitter colors also with Bobbi Brown and keep definitely better!

Otherwise: beautiful color, fine glitter, super durability and beautiful can be combined. Everything I expect from a (cream) eyeshadow. I am satisfied!

A proper recommendation to speak out is difficult, because many do not like such textures. Therefore, the recommendation is more to those who like cream textures and are looking for a simple and yet this conspicuous eyeshadow which is solid in all respects (except the water resistance).