12 Year Old Makes Debt of R $ 2.3 Billion in Farmville

A British British boy of 12 years old has a debt in the amount of R $ 2.3000 while playing the social game Farmville, available for users of Facebook.

According to the newspaper The Guardian, the young would have spent the money after he caught his mother’s credit card without permission and registered in the online game on the 14th of March. “Zynga [the company responsible for the game] and Facebook informed me that will not be any refund” said the (now somewhat poorer) mother, who had not revealed his identity, the newspaper.

Instead the social network disabled the boy’s account and Zynga recommended that women pass to use passwords to control access to your computer. But the bank in which women account was a little further and said that she only will your money if your child withdraws the police for stealing the number of your card.

The only thing we know is that someone will be no Christmas present this year.