17 Oct How To Combine Anklets

Stay in fashion is essential for women. The brazilian woman is naturally beautiful, with lush curves, straight hair, curly hair, anyway, we can say that Brazilian women are the most beautiful on the planet without a shadow of a doubt. But contemporary fashion trends help further brighten the grace of the woman.

For this, there are many props that can further enhance this air of purity of the brazilian woman. Accessories, when well used, attention and leave more touched upon womanhood. That’s what every woman wants, stay beautiful being feminine. And the beauty must be thought from head to toe.

With that in mind, we put into practice our creativity and think this look needs work from head to toe. That’s where I wanted to go, feet, ankles.

Anklet And Tennis

If you will use a more casual, with comfortable shoes, try using an anklet with details, hearts, stars, but they stay aligned and do not cause much volume. It will increase the visual your femininity, because tennis is often not so delicate.

Don’t forget to think about the color of the shoes. Ideally, you use the white colour and a delicate ankle bracelet, silver or gold can be. Try not to use an anklet with many beads handmade type. They will contrast with the rest of your look, especially if you are with some Jean shorts.

The Jumps Get More Elegant

To use an anklet with jump, just remember the Joker for this material: silver.Combine any piece with the silver is very easy. If you have thicker ankles, use a piece less robust, so the adorner detail will leave your leg understated.

The shoes can be any color, since the silver goes with everything. If you like the golden glow, it is best to choose a shoe black or a darker because the anklet is with a highlight interesting, of wealth and refinement.

The Sandals Are The Trend Of The Summer

The hottest season of the year is coming, then you will want to get comfortable with a lighter and more open sandal. This is the time to abuse the anklets.

You can take advantage of a skirt in a Bohemian style to wear an ankle bracelet. The beads hanging will combine perfectly with a sandal Sandals type.

Abuse of anklets rich in detail, approaching the insteps. This grommet reinforces the beauty of your feet, with brightness and delicacy.

Ankle Shoes

This is another type of shoe that combines both. The mooring is on the ankle, which ends up becoming an accessory to your leg.

The ankle strap high heel shoes which are always synonymous of elegance and femininity. With more strips rasps or thinner, they always complement the party dresses or looks lighter.

Now that you have learned a bit more, combine, ouse and stay beautiful