What is Citizenship

Citizenship in English

What is Citizenship? Citizenship refers to the set of rights and duties to which the citizen or individual is subject in their relationship with the society in which they live. The term citizenship comes from the Latin civitas, which means ‘city’. Therefore, citizenship is the condition given to the citizen of being a member of an organized community. Citizenship implies rights and […]

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What is Cytosol

Cytosol in English

What is Cytosol? Cytosol is the intracellular fluid in cells that makes up most of what is called the cytoplasm in cells The word cytosol has its origin in the Greek and is made up of the words solu – which indicates “soluble” and which refers to what is “related to the cell”, in this case the cytoplasm. In its […]

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What is Cytoplasm

Cytoplasm in English

What is Cytoplasm? The cytoplasm is located below the cell membrane and, in turn, lines the cell nucleus. It is one of the essential parts of cells. It basically consists of the cytosol (water, salts and proteins that, together, give it a gelatinous density), the cytoskeleton (proteins that support the cell) and organelles or organelles (compartments with specialized functions). The cytoplasm in eukaryotic cells (with […]

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What is Cytology

Cytology in English

What is Cytology? Cytology is the science that studies cells. It is also commonly known as laboratory tests to determine abnormalities in cells in a certain area of ​​the body. In biology, cytology is known in turn by the name of cell biology. The cell is defined as the base unit of life by Robert Remak (1815-1865) in 1830, who […]

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