3 Pressed to Restore Cell Grants

The interest in instalments is decreasing at 3 because Elgiganten and Danish supermarket have aggressive prices. Therefore be reintroduced now mobile shots.

The Danish telecommunications companies have for a long time sold mobile phones with instalments of up to 24 months. The strategy sells many expensive phones, because the monthly cost for the customer is low, but now one company goes a different path.

3 has once again decided to sell mobile phones with subsidies, which in the past has led to aggressive deals, with prices as low as a penny. The new approach, however, means far from bargain prices on the phones.

The reason is, among other things, that Danish supermarket and Elgiganten often have low prices.

-“Over the past year and a half, we have seen that more and more of the mobile sale takes place through Elgiganten and Danish supermarket. We have sold many pure subscriptions, but when sales move, we also lose the dialogue with the customers in our stores. That is why we want to make it attractive, to get into the business, which happens with overall prices, which puts it up by what the phone costs without subscription, “says private customer Director Mikkel Torsting from 3 to Mobilsiden.dk.

Supplements are equal to more expensive subscriptions

In connection with 3 ‘s new structure, customers pay more per month, in order to have a mobile subscription, if they want to grant.

The customers who have had previous package 3Basis with 10 hours of talk, 5 GB of data, Free SMS/MMS, without dial-up charge to 179 dollars a month, must now deal with the subscription 3Fordel.

The price is 279 dollars here. So 100 bucks a month more than the basic package …

3Fordel includes 10 hours of talk, Free SMS/MMS and are without dial-up charge. In addition, do you get grants for mobile purchase.

-“In relation to the base, there is more content in the package on the ‘ benefit ‘, and the price is different, because you get grants for the purchase of new mobile. It is clear that when we give large grants, money come from somewhere else, “explains Mikkel Torsting.

Our site: Repayment arrangements are here to stay

Installment schemes were invented in 2010 by our site, which really took them in use at the launch of the iPhone 4. Since then, the remaining mobile operators followed with, and Sweden and Norway, have also been inspired by the Danish model.

3 ‘s reintroduction of mobile grants don’t get inventors to shake his hand.

-“Installment facility is here to stay, because the alternative is to purchase the phone at full price, with a more expensive subscription to follow. And since subscriptions do not appear to rise, I don’t see how the old model with full grants can come back, “said our site’s Sales Director Michael B to Mobilsiden.dk.

About 80 percent of our site’s sale of mobiles, happens on instalment schemes. Our site considers that the arrangements make topprodukterne available to the general public.

The new prices with 3 enters into force Monday 9. July 2012.