5 Apps for the Kitchen Which Are Indispensable for the #foodies #foodlovers

With these apps kitchen you will not be short of ideas to create the best daily menus.

Apps for the Kitchen

In the days of today’s smartphones and tablets appear to be taking the place of books and blocks of notes.

Up in the kitchen are already gaining ground. No, they don’t cook, but can be a valuable aid in the time to prepare your meals. All thanks to apps kitchen more trendy (or fashionable).And we have a few suggestions for apps that will become indispensable once you’re “back of pots”.



Recipes, menus, tips and advice, ingredients, videos and much more. All this will be able to have access through the application of the Epicurious. In total there are over 30 thousand recipes available, organized by categories and easy way that you will be able to save your in-box (a sort of notebook of recipes digital).

Is available for iOS and Android as well as Kindle, Windows Phone, for example, and it costs nothing (it’s free).


Is also available for download in the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) and is also free of charge.

The Yummly and can be a great for those days you don’t know what you want to eat or what you will cook. This app from the kitchen tells you exactly this, taking into account your dietary restrictions (if applicable) and personal tastes.

Basically, it compiles the information about what you like or don’t like and offers you suggestions of recipes, or menus. In addition even includes a shopping list, tips for cooking properly the foods, it lets you save and organize your recipes of choice, and still tells you how many calories has each recipe.

Better than a personal assistant, don’t you think?


It’s almost like a Side Chef (a sort of chef, kitchen helper). This app from the kitchen will guide you step-by-step through the recipes that you choose.

Such as the previous is available for iOS and Android and is also free of charge. Best impossible.


It works as a kind of social network of the kitchen, where it is possible to share and like publications, in this case of the revenue.

Is available for the operating systems iOS and Android.


The renowned chef has accustomed us to its revenue appetizing and, in many cases, cooking simple. Well, now in addition to the TV program, the book and the site, you can also have access to the recipes from Jamie Oliver through the various apps of the chef, who is also available for iOS and Android.

Choose the one that best fits your style of kitchen and will have menus that will not disappoint.