5 Differentiated Finishes for Your Sweatshirt

Want to customize your travel sweatshirt, but do not know which finish to choose? Do not worry, this text will explain the details you need to know when choosing each type of product.

A well-designed college sweatshirt makes all the difference when it comes to representing the course. The ST47 offers the following finishing options:


Suitable for smaller logos, it is the most delicate option, the art being done in embroidery separately and superimposed on the piece in sequence. In sweatshirts customized by the ST47, this overlap can be made in three ways according to A2zgov:

– Applied embroidery: The art, which usually has a white background, is applied over the sweatshirt, also finished in embroidery around its edge.

– Embroidery filled: the art is composed entirely with the embroidery, without evidence of application.

– Sublimated embroidery: it combines the technique of applying embroidery with that of sublimation, being a highly efficient process, which guarantees a greater richness of details and still presents great durability after the washes.

Simple application

Unlike embroidery, the letters are cut into fabric, and can be of the sweatshirt itself or some mesh, and are then fixed through embroidery. The color of the embroidery around the art can vary, not necessarily the same tone, which promotes an interesting aspect for the piece. The end result is apparently similar to that of filled embroidery.

Double application

Of more rustic effect, this type of application is made with laser cut of the fabric, which has double layer. The art is fixed in the piece through embroidery, without finishing in its outline. This allows the fabric to shred after washing, creating a more stripped air.

Clear gray print

Ideal for making watermarks in sweatshirts, the prints are durable and can be large and detailed, making the piece more fun. Available in gray color it is neutral enough to absorb even other finishes over, if you have preference.

High Relief Pattern

The most casual finish of the list. Rubbery and shiny in appearance, it may have a higher or lower relief depending on the application.