5 Entities with the Home Support in Porto

If you are looking for home support in Porto, this article is for you. We give you the know various sites which provide these service in the city Invicta.

5 Entities with the Home Support in Porto

The home support service consists in the provision of individualized care and custom-made in your own home, where the elderly, adults, or families, for reasons of illness, disability or other impairments, are not able to ensure the satisfaction of their needs and basic daily life.

If you are looking for home support in Porto, there are a huge variety of services at your disposal.

In this article, we give you to know some of the entities are available.



The NorteCare is a company dedicated to the home support in the greater Porto area, composed by a team of professionals in the areas of health, would generate, social service, among others, which can give support in various situations.


Its main objective is the maintenance of the quality of life of the users, in their environment, and with everything that is part of your life, like memories and family.


The home support service of CUF is an innovative solution for home care services. The services are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, being the ideal for all those who wish to stay with your family, enjoy health care and personalized support in activities of daily living.


The home support service of the CUF offers Nurses and Coordinators, who may be able to provide information in person, in the context of inpatient or another, in the units of CUF, in any other institution or in the home.


The Culsen is dedicated to the provision of home care since 2007, driven by the desire to contribute to the greater well-being of those who want or need support to remain at home, safely.


Since the provision of basic care, hygiene and medication management, to the company, conversations, and shopping or running errands, the caretakers of the Culsen devote all of your attention and affection to their users.


The services home care can be ongoing or temporary, with a short visit or up to 24 hours, seven days a week.


The In Home Care is constituted in April 2013 and has its mission and ideals well marked. Want to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the person and family in need of support and domiciliary care, to prevent or delay the most possible the institutionalization, to provide the person dependent and the family the possibility to keep your day-to-day the most unchanged as possible and ensure all the type of individualized care in the home.


The support is intended for all people in situation of dependency or limitation of activity, whether temporary or permanent, to those who suffer from the absence temporary or permanent caregiver and, still, people travelling alone or without a network of contacts.


The Living In opened the doors in 2008, after having been accorded the status of a social utility conferred by a Charter issued by the Social Security.


The program of home support in porto, Living In Senior Care comprises a wide range of services, in particular would support the recovery, telecare, technical assistance, follow-up in the holidays, support in activities of daily living, feed-through sleep, nasogastric feeding, oral nutrition with the help, follow up on travel, hygiene and personal comfort, among others.