7 Suggestions of combinations for Looks “Total Black”

Combine only black clothes (total black) is a little dangerous, especially when we’re tailoring pieces involved in the story, but as I recently received an email from a reader who works in a place where the dress code requires that all items of clothing are black and that the result of the mix is elegant, I decided to return to the subject.

It may seem strange that kind of requirement, but, currently, many establishments as clothing stores, hairdressers/barbers, organizing events and even offices are opting for “total black”, but its employees are forced to spend a good deal of creativity in order to respect the dress code imposed, even though many times he didn’t hold a single clothing style.

Below you see some suggestions from ezhoushan for those in similar situation and need some ideas:

1-Total Look With Black vest and Monk Strap Shoes

Look All Black with Vest by canalmasculino on Polyvore

This suggestion is the most basic of all, where the important thing is to explore the texture of the fabrics look don’t get stoned and dull, something that can be achieved with the vest and pants in tailoring. The footwear is a double monk strap, which gives charm to the set and run the traditional Oxfords and derbys. A good choice for hot days, because you can put aside the vest (if necessary) and fold the sleeves of the shirt slim fit.

2-Total Look Black with Casual Blazer and tie with Paisley

Look All Black jacket and Paisley Tie for canalmasculino on Polyvore

Once again the interest in composition turns to the textures achieved with washing the jeans, tie with paisley or the stitching detail of the blazer. The leather case complements the look with a touch of sophistication, making a good match with the watch and the chelsea boot. Is the type of combo that you can use in diverse environments and times if problems.

3-Total Look Black with Social Costume and leather case

Look All Black Suit for canalmasculino on Polyvore

If the requirement of the costume becomes greater, nothing like a full suit to show that we’re not kidding! Again the tie enters to give a bit of style to the black stoned, calling attention to the chest and face. The watch is a classic with metal bracelet, the kind only makes the mix more respectable, as well as the bag in crocodile leather and shoe with small details. This combination is great for conservative environments, but nothing prevents you to use at any time to ask for a little more than a formality.

4-Total Look Black for winter with Trench Coat and Boots

Look All Black Winter by canalmasculino using salvatore ferragamo jewelry

If the cold resolve to give the guys, as you’ve been doing lately, you need to be prepared. With a trench coat and a good mesh can face the drop of temperature without fear and even lavish style, mainly using a heavy boots that fall very well in winter and combine perfectly with the monochrome visual dark. If cool more just Exchange the Cardigan for a knitting thicker and add a scarf. And long live the versatility!

5-Black Total Look Cool With Casual Blazer and Jeans Detonated

Look All Black Blazer, shirt Henley and Ascot by canalmasculino on Polyvore

If the shirt is not a requirement, you can invest in a henley, a middle ground between the shirt and the pole, but as nice as yours. As all parts are plateaus, opt for a jeans detonated is the solution to give a visual spice, despite the stylish blazer in matelasse already be a piece. Snapping up the look we have the scarf that can be to protect or just to increase the combo that brings two more incredible items in leather: the sneakers and backpack.

6-Total Look Black with Pea Coat and Pants in Tailoring

Look All Black with Pea Coat by canalmasculino on Polyvore

One of my favorites, is simple and meets your role to let the guy warm, elegant and comfortable. One of the few suggestions that doesn’t have a striking centrepiece, because the whole set works well, allowing the addition of other items like knitwear, scarves or even a hat for the days when the wind can disturb who’s your head unprotected. It is also a special mention to watch canvas strap that let the final result with a sporty touch.

7-Total Look Black Rocker

All Black Rocker Look by canalmasculino featuring the bracelet bangle

Your job is not so demanding as well or it’s that casual Friday where everyone can relax a little and more relaxed clothes? Maybe it’s time for a favorite band or t-shirt with a nice print. And since it’s to relax, canvas sneakers can add comfort the combination without looking inappropriate as the model Academy. Also worth a jacket in black jeans and some bracelets combined with the clock without a lot of “frills”, but remember that not every work environment supports this type of visual, make sure before you go through a tight skirt.

Note: we’ve talked about and even gave tips to mount looks “total black” in this post here.