8 Tips to Identify a Fake Prada Bag

The brand of Prada handbags are very popular and coveted by women. Due to her popularity and high value, fake and cheap models are on the market. Often the consumer being deceived by such counterfeit versions. We selected 10 tips to identify a fake Prada bag.

Pay attention!

8 tips to identify a fake Prada bag

01 Tip: Check the iron material

The iron material used by Prada is antique brass. So if you check that some material of bag is old or rusty bag probably is not original.

02: check the sewing tip

The Prada brand is very attentive to the quality of your product, so the seam is very well made, aligned and stitched with small dots.

Tip 03: If note the logo

All Prada Handbag features contrasting black logo with your light projection print. Usually fake exchanges the word “Prada” is written incorrectly.

04 Tip: check out the lining

The material of the bag must be of excellent quality. The liner should have the word “Prada” embroidered in the lining and repeatedly passing horizontally through it.

05 Tip: check the metal tag

All real Prada bag will have a metal plate that says “Prada Made in Italy”. If you happen to notice that this brand is plastic or tissue, the bag is fake. The bags have a label and a serial number.

06 Tip: Locate the authenticity card

All original Prada Handbag has an authenticity card with scholarship information and your serial number.

07 hint: Check if there is a dust collector

The absence of a dust collector can indicate that the bag is fake.

08 hint: Check the ‘ R ‘ authenticity card

The “R” logo of a Prada bag has a detail of your right leg removed. This detail usually staff who manufactures fake purse you don’t understand.


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