A Mysterious LG Appears in The Database with The Snapdragon Geekbench 821, Is The LG G6?

Mobile World Congress is approaching and with it come announcements of some of the key brands in the technology sector. LG has already confirmed his attendance, thanks to the huge number of rumors We already know many of the details that will be his next ship insignia, LG G6, including its design.

At the same event, there will be a big absentee. The S8 Samsung Galaxy will miss your regular appointment in Barcelona and, although initially this detail was taken as a positive development for the competition, we later learned that his delay will have consequences since It could also delay the arrival of the processor Snapdragon 835. Now a test benchmark that is believed is the LG G6 corroborates this information to place it with a Snapdragon 821.

Is the LG H871 LG G6?

Much has been said of the LG G6 and, until recently, 835 Qualcomm Snapdragon chip was one of the expected features. However, Samsung would have delayed the arrival of this chip, which Let the LG G6 with few options.

The terminal that stars in this test benchmark responds to the LG H871 product code, its trade name remains a mystery but is confirmed as the G6 LG, the chip that will mount will be a 821 Snapdragon running at 2.19 Ghz.

The test also provides details about the version of the system, which is 7.0 Android Nougat, and memory RAM, which would be in 4 GB. If confirmed, the LG G6 will be a quite shy in terms of performance update since the G5 was also with 4 GB RAM and a Snapdragon 820 chip.

It is possible that the team that has gone through Geekbench is a simpler variant of the next top of range of products. A few days ago spoke of the G6 Lite and Compact G6 and if LG understands the Compact idea as Sony does, there are possibilities that this terminal is.

Another possible scenario is that it is effectively the G6 LG, but try the version with less memory. As we have seen on many occasions, there are manufacturers that are committed to offer two or more versions varying capacity and RAM and LG could go this way. In this sense, could be the chance to see a Variant that ascend to the 6 GB of RAM. On 26 February we will leave doubts.