A Visit To Elfin Dress In Munich And The 2016’s Wedding Dresses Collection

Actually, I’m more the type of jeans. But since I even before one year looking for a wedding dress was, I discovered a passion that I previously didn’t know me: Couture dresses.

So with silk and lace and flowing fabric and the whole hoopla. Wedding dresses are there pretty much the icing on the cake (ok, by Jenny Pack ham gowns times apart). Only to find it is necessary one for the first time. With us in Munich anyone who marries, knows at some point: round to the Stachus, there are quite a few bridal shops. Who once roamed Elm Street in all its glory of concrete and visited several shops in the area, who also knows: there’s pretty horrible bridal gowns and pretty rude shop assistants. But what many don’t know: it’s different. There are some outstanding beautiful bridal shops that I gradually introduce youin Munich. If you now objects that it’s surely Nice in these small boutiques and designer stores, your budget is but just not more than 800 euros, I say unto you: nevertheless take a look in the shops! Of course there are also dresses, the 3,000 euros and cost more. But it’s the upper end. At the bottom of here we go at 700 euro – not reduced, quite regularly. Don’t you think? Then come with me in the area around the Gärtnerplatz Elfdress. There were party weekend namely: two years wedding dresses by Elf dress in Munich!

Designer and co-founder of Annette Prechtl was extra arrived from Vienna. The label has its origin there. With her I have not only above the store in Munich, but also about the philosophy of Elf dress wedding dresses.

The first wedding dress collection 2009 hung in Vienna is Elf dress, according to weddinginfashion. Since then, the two founders Annette Prechtl and Sandra Thaler have designed each year around ten new models. The idea: There are the models on the one hand as a ready-made clothes in sizes where only minimal changes are needed to adapt them perfectly to the respective figure.These dresses cost between 700 and 1600 euro. And then there’s pure size dresses, which are sections of ready-made garments which can be adapted but as to the own. Other fabric, lower back section, other sleeve: all feasible. Approximately six months making as an individual Coutoure dream several times the brides come in this time for intermediate fittings in the Studio. Prices start at $1500.

Atelier At The Bridal Shop

Included to the concept of Elf dress also, that the dresses not in some factory in distant China, but live and in color directly on site. Therefore a large cutter table, under the meter roll of cloth store stands at the rear of the bridal shops in Munich and Vienna. At the weekend, has the team a little the table little misused and turned into a sweet table .Occasion was on the one hand, the second anniversary of the Munich-based store and at the same time the sale of the models by 2015, which I announced you on the Facebook page of wedding Twitter.

While Annette and I talked before the work table at tea and Cupcakes over Elf dress, a bridal further slipped a few metres 2016 in the locker room. As she stepped out again, she wore a delicate dream of running fabric, half boho, half avant-garde, Couture just long, narrow, with sewn, light cloak, uncommon. As she stood there in front of the large mirror, almost reverently, she went with your fingers over the fabric of the dress, turned and turned and said pretty ecstatic voice: “Oh, Yes, Yes, I think thats it.”

I would have run most directly to my husband, called: “you, we marry 2016 again, yes?!”, and would have also gone into the locker room.

Wedding Dresses By Elf Dress

I stayed seated but and I sipped on my Moroccan Mint while Annette explained the idea behind fairy dress: “the dress to highlight the personality of the bride. There, of course the feel good factor plays a role. For each figure, there are several ways. I understand our task is also to take the women there, to find out what is ideal for them.” To belong to the mood in the shop. I could hardly agree with Annette. The “Please-nothing hands-on mentality” in some Munich bridal shops there pretty much is the ultimate mood killer.

Elf dress goes a different way: no white gloves, no clothes, wrapped in plastic, but the charm of a boutique like them also in the student district could be. The models that are attached to the rods, may and should be – not just visually, but also haptically. French lace, silk satin and silk Georgette are the characteristics of fairy dress. And although I never thought that I would say this, but: I a modern interpreted classic has been particularly, skirt without lace and vintage and boho, with classic corsage and several layers of fabric running. And I have still a favorite: you can see the dress right in the picture below the text. From the front it’s a voluminous towing dream a mix 50-years cut and vintage lace back.

My unique résumé: one must understand these clothes just live. If you’re looking for a wedding dress, a look at fairy dress!