About 6 Percent Of Smartphone Sales in Q2, Collapse in China

Stored overall increases in double figures are published this today estimated sales of smartphones in the second quarter of the year according to the research firm GfK. Numbers that come as no surprise that much globally, but the surprises are remarkable, especially when you look at China, once regarded as interminable business place.

Grown exponentially 4 g terminals, even of 129 percent over last year, so much so that about one in six smartphones sold is now enabled in LTE. A jump mainly due to debut next generation lines even in emerging countries such as India, Cine on the latter are focused all eyes watched the unedited rhythms of growth and margins still exist.

According to Computergees has been marketed well 302.1 million smartphones globally, with significant growth rates in Asia Pacific (+22%), North America (+10%), Middle East and Africa (+24%). Quite different the situation in China, by far the widest square but able to score even decreased by 10 per cent: in Q2 2014 98.6 million units were sold last quarter ‘ only ‘ 88.7 mln.But be careful, because it is stronger and stronger demand for expensive models (+17% those from 500 + dollars) and thus increasing the volume of money in circulation ($ 22.8 billion)

Grow worldwide sales of smartphones with 5 or more inches of 48 percent, in China and Asia Pacific major acclaim, as always, slight decline for the average selling price of one percenton an annual basis GfK expects the same trend. Therefore prices decrease, slows the ride to your smartphone than in previous years and in many countries it was even passed the saturation point.