Acer: Tablet With Pen Input, Hybrid Notebook And a Selfie-Phone At Computex

Acer shows the hybrid switch 11 V Intel Core M notebook at Computex and announces further details about the Selfie-triple-SIM Smartphone X liquid 2.

Acer at Computex the hybrid notebook briefly indicated in the April switch 11 shows a tablet with Intel’s core M and attachable keyboard. The display models were running with the core M-5Y10c (2 cores, 0.8 to 2 GHz) and 4 GB memory. The Tablet is magnetic in the keyboard and was easy to remove and insert – also rotated to 180 degrees. The 11.6-inch display shows full-HD resolution.


A cheaper version with Mediatek processor instead of Intel now follows the Android Tablet Iconia one shown in the April 8 with pen input atom. It is called B1-820 for Intel and B1-830 for Mediatek. Both recognize diameter pins, and although any type with at least 2 mm at the top; Therefore, no PIN is included. However, only the Intel version with Baytrail Atom Z3735 (1.33 1.83 GHz) was issued: the pen input worked actually with any pins, but not as precise as in devices with a special pen. Especially close to the edge lines missing sometimes, the ball again left some digital tracks.

Moreover, there were 7 B1-760HD to your 7-incher One see a cheap Android tablet with HD resolution, but without the pen input. It ran Android 5.0, has a quad-core processor by Mediatek and is back in many colors available, including yellow, blue, red and purple.

Selfie Smartphone

Liquid X 2 it’s in kuperfarben, blue, red, white and black set. Acer showed in April shortly the Smartphone liquid X 2, now there are more details and you could give it a try: it has like the ASUS Zenfone Selfie the same camera on the front and back, even with a faster lens: f/1.8 with 13 MP. The display is 5.5 inches tall, but only HD resolution (1280 × 720). An eight core by Mediatek is used, LTE is built. It was already known that the X 2 has three SIM slots and one with 4000 mAh reasonably strong battery. There is further no information to prices and availability.

Notebooks and Windows phone

Also the other news presented in April as the 360-degree notebook aspire R11 and the switch 10E, a hybrid laptop with removable display were exhibited. Also the three fitness wristbands liquid leap curve fit and active had shown advance Acer; try out the heart rate monitor not settled, the curve was standing just behind glass and the fit was issued only as a mockup with heart rate and stress sensor.

In addition, Acer Germany reported that the Windows phone promised for March or April liquid M220 plus now from mid-June is available. The price remains at 89 euros for the version with 1 GByte main memory and 8 GB Flash. (jow)