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According to abbreviationfinder, American College of Healthcare Architects is commonly known as ACHA. The American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA) was established in 1991 by a group of healthcare architects who were committed to advancing the profession of healthcare architecture. ACHA’s mission is to promote excellence in healthcare design and provide leadership for the profession. The organization provides education, resources, and professional development opportunities for healthcare architects, as well as an opportunity to network with other professionals in the field. ACHA also works closely with other organizations such as the American Institute of Architects and the Association of Healthcare Interior Designers to promote standards and excellence in healthcare design. ACHA holds an annual conference which provides a forum for experts from around the world to share their knowledge and experience on topics related to healthcare architecture. The organization also publishes a quarterly journal, “Healthcare Design,” which features articles on current trends and best practices in healthcare design. Additionally, ACHA provides resources and support for students looking to pursue careers in healthcare architecture through its scholarship program.

Degrees and Programs

American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA) offers a variety of departments and degrees. The college has five departments: Architecture, Interior Design, Health Care Administration, Research and Policy. Each department has its own unique focus on healthcare architecture.

The Architecture department is responsible for creating the physical environment for healthcare facilities. They are responsible for designing the overall layout of a building, as well as its interior and exterior design elements. This includes selecting materials, constructing walls and floors, adding lighting fixtures and other features to create a safe and efficient environment for patient care. The Interior Design department focuses on creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that is both comfortable and functional for patients and staff alike. This includes selecting furniture, fabrics, wall coverings, flooring materials and artwork to create an inviting atmosphere for patients during their stay at the facility.

The Health Care Administration department provides students with the knowledge needed to manage the administrative side of healthcare facilities. This includes understanding legal requirements related to patient care, managing financial affairs and developing quality systems to ensure patient safety. The Research and Policy Department focuses on researching current trends in healthcare architecture in order to identify best practices in design and construction methods. They also develop strategies to help healthcare organizations meet their goals while adhering to state laws related to health care architecture.

ACHA offers several degree programs including Bachelor’s degrees in Architecture, Interior Design or Health Care Administration; Master’s degrees in Architecture or Health Care Administration; Doctoral degrees in Architecture or Health Care Administration; as well as a Certificate program in Healthcare Architecture Leadership & Management (CHALM). Each degree program prepares students with the skills needed to be successful in their chosen field of study by combining theoretical learning with hands-on experience through internships or practicum experiences at local hospitals or other health care facilities throughout the United States.


The American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA) is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the practice of healthcare architecture. It is the only organization of its kind in the United States and offers certification for qualified healthcare architects. The ACHA provides a variety of benefits to its members, including access to educational resources, networking opportunities, and recognition for excellence in the field. The organization also ranks healthcare architects based on their experience, education, and accomplishments.

The ACHA rankings are based on a number of criteria, including experience in designing healthcare facilities, active membership in other professional organizations related to healthcare design, participation in research activities related to healthcare design, and contributions to publications related to the field. In addition to these criteria, the ACHA also takes into consideration each architect’s commitment to continuing education and professional development as well as portfolio reviews by peers. These rankings are updated regularly so that members can stay abreast of changes and advancements within their profession. The ACHA also offers awards recognizing exceptional performance in healthcare architecture; these awards are given out annually at the organization’s annual conference.

Admissions Requirements

The American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA) is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of healthcare architecture. To become a Fellow of ACHA, applicants must have a minimum of seven years of experience in designing healthcare facilities and demonstrate professional achievement through their work. They must also hold a current license to practice architecture in the United States. In addition, applicants must have demonstrated leadership in their profession by contributing to the advancement of healthcare architecture through research, teaching, and/or practice. Finally, applicants must be sponsored by one or more Fellows from ACHA who can personally attest to the applicant’s qualifications.

Once an application is received, it will be reviewed by an Admissions Committee composed of current Fellows from ACHA. The Admissions Committee will evaluate each applicant’s qualifications based on several criteria including: professional experience, design excellence, community service and involvement in healthcare architecture organizations. Additionally, letters of recommendation are required as part of the application process which serve as further evidence that the applicant meets the criteria for admission into ACHA. Following review by the Admissions Committee and approval by the Board of Directors, successful applicants are invited to join ACHA as Fellows at an induction ceremony held annually.

Fellowship with ACHA serves as recognition for those who have successfully achieved high levels of professional excellence in healthcare architecture and provides access to many unique benefits including: participation in mentorship programs; access to resources such as research papers; invitations for special events; opportunities for leadership roles within ACHA; discounts on continuing education courses; and access to exclusive networking events with other Fellows from around the world.

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