Adventure Modular The LG G5 You Will Need a Unique Episode, The LG G6 Will Be Another Time a Phone Integral

This is not a good year for LG. A pair of Chinese manufacturers, Oppo and alive, managed to expel the Koreans of the Top 5 mobile manufacturers because of low sales the LG G5 not helped to trace. Now, without completing even the cycle of his terminal line G, only comparable to the LG V20, Star seems to modules adventure comes to an end.

LG opted in LG G5 for a terminal with attachable modules, becoming the first phone of that category even though Project ARA, now canceled, was developing and Lenovo Moto Z came on the way to the market. The latest information coming from the Korean manufacturer environment speaks that LG G6 would be a comprehensive phone. Gone are the modules.

Gone are the modules in LG

The price of the LG G5 Yes invited its purchase, putting its 699 euros a step below the Samsung Galaxy S7, the candidate from its exit into the terminal of the year. Play with price of terminals Android downspouts could enter LG plans to harvest sales with its G5 with the passing of the months.

Modules, however, did not seem to accompany this competitive price. Useful or not, the only one within the range of “compulsive buying” set at the barrier of 100 euros, was camera, LG Cam Plus module. The two more expensive, even came to stand at 299 euros. Prices not predicted good results for accessories, Apart from that the system seemed impractical on the role.

Suspected modules wouldn’t be on the right track because LG V20, released in the month of September, did not renew the commitment of its manufacturer for modular attachments. A gesture that would have reinforced the idea of the Koreans, giving more presence to this modular system within its catalogue. LG V20 came as a normal phone and now it seems that LG G6 will also.

Other comments about the end of the set of modules for LG have come from various manufacturers of accessories involved in the supply of parts for LG G5. “Has been heard that LG Electronics has decided to not to modularize your next smartphone. The products concerned (for LG G6) are preparing in this sense”.

LG wants to return to the stability

Domestic sources have declared that LG is concerned by the current decision to withdraw them from circulation both its failed strategy to consolidate its LG G5 modules. The fear of the markets to lose confidence in your brand by such drastic decisions in such a short time fly over the offices of the constructor.

Now LG will focus on never make the mistakes of the past, mistakes which now include the LG G5 and its modules system. Return to comprehensive G6 LG phones is expected in a strategy to return to stability, a position that have lost with the latest sales.

Perhaps the initial sales of the LG V20, one of which many name as the arch rival of the now defunct Galaxy Note 7 inside Android, have finished LG executives to convince non-modular phones work best. Maybe not never know what was the trigger for this abandonment, for now we will keep waiting for begin to learn about the future LG G6, as we are already approaching Christmas time and the phone should come to light in February of the next year.