Agglutinate in English


The Latin term agglutināre came to Castilian as agglutinate. This verb mentions the action of getting different elements to be linked together. For example: “The ideal thing to use is to combine the preparation of eggs”, “I think that my candidacy is the only one that will bring together support from different sectors”, “This city has the capacity to bring together natural beauties, historical treasures and leisure options in the same place ”.

The idea of binding can refer to a physical union: two things get stuck by the use of a binder or by some kind of process. In the field of architecture, agglutination implies the fusion of fragments by means of a substance that, as a result of the process, offers a compact element. In Digopaul, agglutinating consists of bringing two parts into contact.

If we focus on the kitchen, the act of agglutinating is carried out to make a dough uniform or to make different ingredients amalgamated. There are substances that, due to their characteristics, serve as binders. One of the most used is the egg, although in order to obtain this product it is necessary to exploit the animals that lay them, such as chickens and quail, which is why it is preferable to opt for substances of plant origin.

Thanks to the use of the egg it is possible to achieve the union of the ingredients of a potato omelette or a cake, in addition to improving the texture and consistency of certain doughs, both salty and sweet. Of course, vegans, people who do not consume any product of animal origin, can also prepare these dishes, although instead of the egg they use various vegetable ingredients, such as flax or flaxseed.

Flaxseeds can become a perfect binder when ground. It is ideal for the preparation of cookies and breads, although it can also be used for other dishes, as long as its nutty flavor does not clash in the recipe. It is generally recommended to use three tablespoons of water for each of ground seeds as an egg replacement. Regarding its properties, it is important to note that it is a natural anti-inflammatory and provides a good amount of Omega 3, a fatty acid essential for the proper functioning of the heart.

Another product that can serve as an egg replacement when agglutinating ingredients in the kitchen is Ener-G, which is made from tapioca and potato starch. It does not contain wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, casein, yeast, peanuts or nuts, so it is not only ideal for vegan people but for those who have allergies to any of these foods.

To bind the dough of cakes, muffins or cookies, among many other baked products, just mix Ener-G with water and then add it to the preparation. One of its advantages over flax seeds and other egg replacements is that its flavor is almost imperceptible; This makes it more versatile as it can be used in both savory and sweet dishes alike.

Clustering, on the other hand, refers to the gathering of people, circumstances or elements with disparate characteristics. Suppose a man wants to become president of his neighborhood development association. According to the statutes of the institution, it must present a hundred guarantees and propose a directive commission of five members to be able to participate in the elections. The man, in this way, begins to talk with his neighbors, detailing their ideas for the institution. Thus he tries to bring together wills so that the residents, with his signature, give him the corresponding guarantees and can apply for the election that will consecrate the new president of the development association.