Agreement in English


The contract, convention or agreement that is developed based on a specific matter is known as an agreement. To cite some examples: “The Argentine club announced the signing of an agreement with a European university for the training of youth players”, “The company sent me to Brazil to close an export agreement”, “The agreement was ratified by both parties after a meeting that lasted for more than two hours”.

According to, the expression “collective agreement”, for its part, identifies the agreement that links those who represent the workers with the employers and which serves to regulate working conditions. Through these agreements, trade unions and business organizations establish different rights and obligations within the framework of the employment relationship.

Agreements can be valued as contracts, regulations or a combination of both. Among the conditions contemplated in collective agreements are the duration of the working day, wages, vacations and licenses.

It should be noted that the collective agreement is extended to all employees of the category in question (a company or a sector in general), regardless of whether or not they are members of the union that reached the agreement.

Typically, the collective agreement establishes minimum conditions and then each employee is responsible for improving their benefits in their individual contracts. This means that the collective agreement can set a minimum wage of 1,000 pesos, for example, and then a worker agrees a remuneration of 1,500 pesos with the company.

European Union Conventions

In this era of globalization, the term is heard more and more frequently to refer to the treaties that govern relations between different countries.

So much so that in the European Union a series of documents have been issued specifying the behavior that each member of it must comply with; in them, the rights and obligations that each party must comply with are reflected and the penalties that those members who do not respect them must pay are decided.

For example, the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, is a statute where those laws that have been voted on at the various meetings of the Member States are registered, explaining what the rights of all citizens are; If someone suffers any abuse or is a victim of non-compliance with these obligations, he can go to court, where a way to ensure his integrity will be sought.

Some of the points present in this agreement are: the prohibition of torture, slavery and forced labor for any human being; the right to private life and freedom in the family and public sphere; freedom to marry any other person (regardless of nationality or sexuality) and protection in case of being a victim of discrimination, among many others.

Any citizen who needs advice on any of its points can go to any state office; where they will know how to inform him about his responsibilities and rights in the State in which he lives.

Unfortunately, most of the people who are victims of various harassments are not usually informed about these agreements and the States themselves seem to take it as a joke, causing unparalleled suffering, especially in those citizens who arrive in another country in order to have a better life, but they don’t have their documentation in order.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in a bankruptcy process, an agreement is an agreement between the debtor and the creditors whose objective is to lift the bankruptcy situation or prevent it from occurring.