Amazon AWS Arrives in Brazil with Data Center in São Paulo

In fact, foreign companies are paying more attention to Brazil. In Nokia, the command for Latin America went from Miami to Sao Paulo. At Microsoft, the Manaus plant is the only one outside of China to produce the Xbox 360. To complete the Internet giant Amazon delivered a message to its customers stating that the Amazon Web Services won a datacenter on home soil.

The company’s new data center is located in São Paulo. At that Amazon released, it is the first installation of its kind in South America. In the new data center customers can run applications of all kinds, taking advantage of cloud computing that Amazon It offers some time. In addition to leadership in e-commerce in physical products, Amazon also has IT products very well rated among the experts. Not surprisingly, the arrival of Amazon AWS was celebrated by Brazilian users on social networks.

Who wins with a local data center? We mainly, as well as hermanos closer. By positioning a computing network in the cloud in Brazil, the Amazon decreases the latency of servers. The way that a simple request made ​​by the internet pipes to get to a computer there in the United States and Europe decreases, since there is no more need to go through submarine cables or connections regarded as global.

For hermanos, the distance less to connect to an Amazon data center should also be celebrated. In general, we have more immediate access to images, videos, applications and everything that developers imagine and put in the air.

“The new region of são paulo is available for various services, including: amazon elastic compute cloud (amazon ec2), amazon simple storage service (amazon s3), amazon elastic block store (amazon ebs), amazon simpledb, amazon relational database service(amazon rds), amazon simple queue service (amazon sqs), amazon simple notification service (amazon sns), amazon virtual private cloud (amazon vpc), elastic load balancing, amazon elastic mapreduce, auto scaling, aws cloudformation, and amazon cloudwatch.”

Subscribers of Amazon AWS can find out about the offers in Portuguese on this page. Ready, I must point out that the AWS technology provides the exact payment of the resources used. The consumer pays exactly the number x megabytes that its application consumed, for example. It is not so simple, but this way you have idea how Amazon charges for services. It is different than some local hosting companies that offer 100 MB for use throughout the month. Amazon in the calculation is more accurate.

In addition to the Amazon, another giant that keeps data center in Brazil is Microsoft. From what I remember, it meets customers who adopt the solution Office 365. Not sure if the applications Windows Azure, a platform cloud of MS, used the same data center or if the applications run in other countries.

I’m glad to know that another company starts its activities here. Competitiveness is usually good for the consumer.