Amena Launches an Ordago: Calls to a Penny Per Minute, 1 Gb and 1000 SMS for Nine Euros Per Month

Quiet was the large operators market since Telstra launched its rate of the two, being the only serious answer Vodafone with its Base, which provides for the same price less megs but includes 500 SMS.

But today is Orange which has given a very serious blow to the table through, throwing that Telstra would call from the 1, with better conditions to all lights.

The new rate of Amena offers National calls for a penny the minute more call set-up, the best price of the market, excluding zero Másmovil rate, offering calls to zero cents per minute the five minutes of each call.

In addition to improving the cost of calls Amena rate also will include 1 Gb navigation at top speed, reduced to 64 kbps to consume data including, but also includes the sending of 1000 SMS national in Exchange for one monthly fee of nine euros.

No doubt, one of the best rates for those who use one smartphone more to navigate to call and that could have a response by the affected principal, Telstra, which celebrates its sixth anniversary party that will present news this Friday.