An Elegant Metallic LG G6 Is Seen in Leaked Images

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 getting ready to hit the market in March or April, the MWC is open so that part of its competition present their best weapon in the face of combat. In Barcelona we will see Sony, possibly to Huawei, and certainly hope that LG will present us his solution for the high end of this first part of the year. LG G6 warms up.

Your specifications will have left see little by little as we walked in 2017, and recently learned that one of its main characteristics is the aspect ratio, a screen 18:9 with 2880 x 1440 pixels. QHD + format comes from the hand of LG while now a couple of his images have been leaked to the media.

We like the curves

If there is something that can be seen automatically seeing the filtered image of LG G6 is his metal body. We see it in a quite elegant grey it seems to fit perfectly with a display that, except last minute spin, We hope to be back LCD. Despite the weight, pun intended, of the OLED on the annual planning of LG Electronics, LCD continues to dominate its division of smartphones.

But there is another fact that escapes this press of the LG G6 filtered image ahead of time, we observe the curved top of your screen, a trend that seems to see more often in 2017 and that LG is targeted. We may have a flat screen in the LG G5, G4 and earlier models of the manufacturer, but at least the auction will be curved.

Could it be an effective or simply aesthetic curve? If we are to the idea that we will have more height which in the classical QHD, can that LG use this curve to decorate the lower keypad and also the Android notification bar. In any case, not subtracts too so we know the LG G6 in depth. Remember that we have an appointment in the MWC in Barcelona at the end of February.