Apps Facebook Leave Unprotected User Data, Says Symantec

Data from a company report security Symantec released Tuesday say that about 100,000 applications Facebook could allow confidential information to “millions” of users of the social network to leak the network.

According to the company, a failure security of some applications may have allowed mysterious advertisers and a “third party” to have access to personal information and site navigation members. The security company says that “until April 2011 almost 100,000 apps allow leakage of information” and that “over the years, hundreds of thousands of applications may have leaked millions of data and third party access tokens”.

The such access tokens are a type of “spare key” that enable applications to automatically perform actions on behalf of the user, for example, posts in the murals of friends.

The good side is that – at least for now – there are no major cause for concern. The very Symantec says “probably not the administrators of the applications had knowledge of failure” and while acknowledging that such a gap existed, Facebook says that the problem has been solved.