ASUS Challenge iPhone in the Last Video and Trnd Italy New Campaign Dedicated to ZenFone Max

Asus and trnd Italy have launched a new campaign of participatory marketing dedicated to ZenFone Max, the new medium of home range Asus comes with an attractive design and a well 5000 mAh battery. Its autonomy is at the heart of the new project realized in collaboration with trnd, which will allow 100 trnder to try ZenFone Max and then report their experiences within the various social and opinion sites.

The main purpose is to put stress on ZenFone Max, maybe during a weekend full of commitments and activities, and to do that the 100 selected users will be able to buy the smartphone with 50% discount (compared to € 249 of list price). At the end of the test will be able to decide whether to ZenFone Max or whether to request a full refund. For further information on the initiative and on how to participate at the application stage, which will beavailable until 15/03, we leave you the direct link to the page for out of trnd.

Meanwhile, always staying on the theme ZenFone Max, Asus has just released a new spot dedicated to the us market. Also in this case the commercial tip heavily on huge Terminal battery, proposing a lifetime challenge against iPhone 6s Plus. The two devices are profoundly different from one another, starting from the membership and the components used, however ZenFone Max, with its 5000 mAh, is able to offer 12 hours and 45 minutes of video playback, while top of the line from Apple, with 2750 mAh, stops at 5 hours and 31 minutes. Obviously Asus reminds us that, despite having an identical 5.5-inch diagonal display, “ZenFone Max uses an HD 720 presolution Panel, compared with FullHD 1080 p Plus, while the SoC used iPhone 6s is a Snapdragon 410, decidedly less handsome than Apple A9.Good vision!

ASUS ZenFone Max is available online from Redcoon to 205 euros. The value for money isgood. There are 48 better models.