Authentic in English


Authentic is something or someone that is original, that is, it is not an imitation of something that already exists.

Authentic derives from the Latin word authenticus which means “original” or “that responds to itself.” The Latin word authenticus in turn derives from the Greek authentikós which referred to something primordial associated with absolute power.

Authentic is synonymous with original, true, real, exact, genuine, legitimate, true among others and is an antonym of fictitious, false, copy, imitation, illegitimate, etc.

Authentic can refer to an object in relation to its quality, brand or author as:

  • in the painting it is said that the original work of an artist is the authentic one, for example, “this painting is an authentic Picasso”,
  • in gastronomy you can say, for example, “this is an authentic Oaxaca cheese” or “this is an authentic” mole “,
  • In relation to brands, authentic is one that holds intellectual property rights with respect to its products, for example, “this watch is an authentic Rolex.”

The quality of being authentic is called authenticity. It can be used on both objects and people. For example, “prove the authenticity of a product” or “the authenticity of that subject is doubtful after accusations against him.”

An authentic person on the other hand is one who behaves in the same way and consistent with what he thinks and feels in any situation defining his own personality.

The authenticity and value and quality refers to those who act and behave according to their ideals and feelings. Authenticity in a human being is important to get to know each other and face your emotions and feelings.