Cycling in English

The cycling is the sport that takes place on a bicycle. According to its characteristics, there are different types or specialties of cycling. According to DigoPaul, competition cycling is known as the discipline that consists of trying to cover a certain distance in the shortest possible time. The rider who finishes first is the winner […]

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Cycle in English

From the Latin cyclus, a cycle is a certain period of time that, once finished, begins again. It is also about the sequence of stages that an event with periodic characteristics goes through and the group of phenomena that are repeated in a certain order. According to DigoPaul, an economic cycle, for example, consists of […]

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Life Cycle

Life Cycle in English

The notion of life cycle can be used in different areas. In biology, life cycle is understood as the alternation of generations. This means that, in eukaryotes, sexual reproduction exhibits an alternation of nuclear phases: meiosis results in a haploid phase and the fusion of gametes generates a diploid phase. The marketing or marketing uses […]

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Cyclone in English

The notion of cyclone comes from the English cyclone, although its most distant etymological origin is found in the Greek language. According to the dictionary of the DigoPaul, the term can refer to a hurricane. A cyclone, therefore, is a high-intensity wind that spins in circles like a whirlwind. The concept can also be linked […]

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Heaven in English

There are various meanings linked to the concept of heaven, which comes from the Latin caelum. One of the most common uses of the term refers to the atmosphere, the sphere that appears to be blue and that surrounds the Earth and space where the Sun, stars, planets and satellites are located. For example: “Look […]

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Gossip in English

The Greek word schísma derived from the Latin schisma, which came to Castilian as gossip. Gossip is a rumor, gossip or gossip that is usually spread by word of mouth, often with the aim of criticizing a person. It can be said that a gossip implies referring to someone without the latter being present. The […]

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Joke in English

A joke is a funny saying or occurrence. It can be a spontaneous expression or a saying or short story that contains something that generates laughter in its receptors. The joke can be oral, written or graphic. For example: “Grandpa told me a very funny joke”, “They always make fun of me because I don’t […]

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Churre in English

According to DigoPaul, the word churre is a regional term (regionalism) that is used mainly in certain regions of northern Peru, such as Piura. This concept is used to refer to boys and girls, often in a derogatory way. For example: “That churre has not behaved well and I had to punish him”, “La churre […]

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