Autism in English


Autism is a neurological disorder that affects the ability to identify, communicate and receive emotions or empathy.

Autism is characterized by the difficulty of communicating being them through social interactions, verbal and nonverbal communications or in relation to repetitive behaviors or habits.

Autism is in the group of Generalized Developmental Disorders (TGD). The subgroup called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD or ASD) is known as a spectrum because there are different types of autism or more specifically different degrees of autism.

One of the identified causes of autism indicates that it is generated by a neurological development disorder that inhibits the ability to fully learn the dynamics of social interactions.

The World Autism Day is celebrated on April 2 of each year.

Autism Symptoms

The autistic disorder covers a broad spectrum whose symptoms must be diagnosed by a specialist. Some symptoms that can be identified and may be within the spectrum are the difficulty in communicating or understanding feelings, lack of empathy, difficulty in taking off or fixing one’s eyes on a person.

Child Autism Child Autism is the identification of autism in childhood. The earlier the child is diagnosed, the more effective the special treatments and learnings of insertion in society.

Autism types

Despite the various types of autism, today all are considered as part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for better evaluation and analysis since the boundaries of one type or another are not clear. They are generally divided into 4 types or groups:

  • Autistic disorder: simply called autism, childhood autism, childhood psychosis or Kanner syndrome.
  • Asperger syndrome: or also called dry asperger, it is one of the mildest types of autism and is characterized by a lack of empathy.
  • Childhood disintegration disorder: it is also known as disintegrative psychosis or Heller’s syndrome, it is characterized by delays in language development, social functions and motor skills. This group includes all those within the autistic spectrum that have withdrawal symptoms.
  • Generalized developmental disorder not specified(PDD-NOS): all cases within the autistic spectrum that are atypical are considered in this group.

A few years ago, Rett syndrome was considered a type of autism spectrum disorder but after several studies it is considered a serious cognitive disorder with a high probability of being associated with some autism spectrum disorder.