AutoMee S, a Type Vacuum Cleaner Roomba to Clean The Screen of Our Android

Clean the screen of the mobile, or tablet, for some of us is essential. Take it filled with dirt or finger marks is not especially aesthetically but nothing that is resolved with a chamois leather. However, someone in Japan has had a much less singular idea.

Takara Tomy company will launch March that we could classify as one robotic vacuum cleaner for mobile phones. Instead of cleaning our room, this little toy will leave our Android gold pads automatically.

The cleaner in question is quite curious, and the basic operation is identical to the older siblings that cleans the floors of many homes. You are cleaning the device following a routine and thanks to sensors know when to turn and move to not fall.

With regard to the practical little can be said and is that you need to clean a smartphone four minutes, double if we use it on our tablet so it is rather a small distraction perfect to teach your friends.

At the moment the device will be in Japan in late March at a price of about 13 euros. There are no plans at the moment to see the light outside Japan but if they end up not releasing it might encourage other manufacturers to imitate the idea.