Autumn Makeup, 7 Errors Don’ts

Autumn Makeup, they are at least 7 mistakes to avoid to achieve a flawless makeup: choose the color of the Foundation not suitable to your skin, overdo the blush may be blatant “oversights”.Here are the 7 mistakes to avoid and beauty tips to follow to be perfect all the time.

Choosing the wrong concealer
The concealer for dark circles, especially in winter, is the best ally of women. Very important you choose it according to skin color and depending on the area of use. A concealer too light for the eye can gray area with an unsightly “panda effect”. Among the best products to cover dark circles there is orange checker that disguises it well all kinds of blemishes and color.
Wrong shade of Foundation
Choose the fair Foundation is one of the most difficult step. To select the appropriate Foundation to your skin should not use hands. Try it in the jaw area, which is the part of the body in a better position to identify the right undertone and the shade that suits you.

Lipstick on your teeth
If you choose intense colors, like red, the product dirty teeth. A remedy to avoid this error is to DAB the excess product. Applied lipstick and blot with tissue by applying light pressure. The lipstick will be so attached to perfection.

Overdo blush-on
Apply too much blush on your face is a common mistake some women. Especially those who have combination skin or oily always tends to spread too much on the face with the intent of preserving the matte effect on the face. To lighten the excess powder on your face using a latex sponge already saturated with Foundation. At this point you can DAB lightly on your face and, particularly, the areas where you’ve gone too far.

Wrong shade of lipstick
Learn how to choose the color of lipstick that enhances your natural beauty. If you have fair skin, for example, avoid the naked earth tones and the colors too dark. To obtain a refined and elegant look, it’s best to use a lipstick on when your eyes are not really fixed.
The lip contour with a darker pencil
Outline lips with a dark pencil is absolutely démodé. Best to use a pencil of the same color of lipstick to fill your lips or one of those particular transparent pencils that eliminate any burrs.

Wrong color eyeshadow
For the most suitable eyeshadow choice consider the skin tones. Best colors for light complexions are less pronounced and more delicate ones, like the Greens, blues and beiges. On the contrary, for dark complexions ehuacom will recommend the eyeshadow in browns, black and purple.