Ben Sherman, Spring/Summer 2011 Season Progress

The quality and finish of Ben Sherman lately they are taking a radical turn in the fashion world. If a firm for minorities, has decided to expand its commercial audience and make more accessible its way to the market, getting much more worked lookbooks, with a greater supply of costumes, clothing much more versatile and one way or another trying to make their mark within other garments that are not shirts (archiconocidas and garment firm star) or the cardigans.

For all those, within which I myself, that we have a garment firm in our closet, you know that the small pictures, the cut of your clothes especially adjusted to the body, the button on the back of the neck In short-sleeved shirts, two characteristic cuts in the middle of the manga, are unmistakable signs of the brand and who could not miss one more time in the collection.

Since that is a collection aimed at halftime of Spring-summer, wrap clothing intended to be breathable and waterproof at all times and especially ponchos in its collection, in very bright colors and cuts flared with chest pockets at the expense of the side pockets that are occupied by space to put arms.

The raincoats, now that the weather improves gradually, again see the light and make it lighter material while retaining its ancient physiognomy: side pockets, necks fireplace, Cross and with possibility to fasten with buttons, belt or with both elements at the same time.

Within the jackets We find several different models but all of them are cut by the same pattern despite the redundancy. The style is similar to the Harrington or the Bomber, fruit of its influences by urban tribes as the Mods or Skinheads.

Therefore, the pockets of Crescent, symmetrical and tight to the body cuts or the mao in coat collars with upper button, remain the undisputed key by which these garments still lose popularity within the firm and from many others that arose as a result of the so-called British Pop as Fred Perry or Merc and some more current as our close Goose.

More classic versions opt for less aggressive and more curvilinear cuts and side plastran pockets to give a more classical air to the garment. The chromatic variety of all of them is quite wide and with possibility of choosing them even with hood or without them.

Within the the cardigans and sweaters We found some proposals in autumnal shades yet and that military green and beige, may last until the spring as the Red Burgundy, dark blue, but yellow and Orange are already hovering slowly, not only in the season but in general in the collection who had always used has work with red, blue and black.

Finally, its range of shirts both long and short sleeve sleeve is still great and quite colorful. Traditional pictures in monochromatic tones become a much more cheerful set of yellow, green, red and white tones much more in line with the spring season which represent…

… not to mention the staunchest defenders of traditional materials, within the brand, committed to preserving more off keys in shirts as the black/brown tones with white backgrounds or the dark green leave step to larger frames and lines to innovate in the geometric design at least since not introduce notes of color in the clothes.