Best Makeup: Lipsticks Vibrant and Colorful Eyeliners

The first week of the year has given a preview of how they will be neat the looks of the famous in 2015. Among the makeup that made success in the last seven days are lips filled with vibrant tones, shadows esfumadas beyond the concave and traces of colored eyeliner. The nails were also decked out and showed up full of glamor through nail arts with gold enamel. Check out the best productions and renew your beauty for the next 365 days.

Powerful hazy and colorful eyeliner strokes increase the eyes of famous

Brown, gold and black were shadows used respectively by Cara Delevingne, Sarah Hyland and Lena Dunham to create powerful hazy eyes. They all applied pigment in the upper and lower eyelids, and dragged the color to the area above the concave. Another detail that helped to make striking was that the three pulled the color for the outside corner forming a kind of triangle lying that helps give charm to the region.

Some famous like Marion Cotillar and Jennifer Lopez gambled on a more minimalist makeup for the eyes and used just a dash of eyeliner to emphasize the eyelids. While the American invested in classic black, the French chose a metallic shade of green for the product, but what both carry in common is the format of the trace, which followed the traditional inspiration of Kitty.

Lips in shades of red, pink and nude were the most used in the week

The lips of the famous varied lot of style this week. While Jessica Chastain bet on sensuality of a bright red, Reese Witherspoon chose the joy of a vibrant pink lipstick from health-beauty-guides. The nude pink also made success in the looks of celebrities such as Guy Delevingne, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Hyland is a great option to leave this region face more discreet. At the time of finalizing some stars like Paris Hilton and Marion Cotillard have invested in a layer of gloss to highlight the area.

Gold takes glamour to the nails of celebrities

The famous preferred most glamorous nails to attend the events of this week and that’s why they elected the gold enamel as the main star of the visual. While the actress Taylor Spreitler has created a sophisticated border nail metallized, Sadie Calvano preferred more extravagant décor and gambled in the application of the so-called gold leaf, in addition to small precious stones in each finger.