Best Sports Watch for Training

Nowadays, more companies than ever do sports watches. They are a kind of all-terrain vehicles watchmaking industry – they can climb higher, to dive deeper, to run longer and faster. These qualities make them the perfect accessory for anyone with an active lifestyle. Which in turn does not mean that only men buy them and wear on your hands. Many world famous companies for watches sold a record number of sports watches for women.

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According to Centralledwatch, the best thing of sports LED watches is that they are sufficiently sophisticated to wear them to work or when you go out to dinner, but at the same time strong enough to withstand a little rough treatment. Typically, such models sport watches are larger than normal for this, of course, there is good reason. However, mandatory features of a sports watch is not water resistant to at least 100 meters (10 bar), to withstand shocks and vibrations have a glass of sapphire crystal with double or one-sided anti-reflective coating and easy to read large dial with phosphorus by arrows or strip lighting display. One of the most popular advanced features of sports watches is the chronograph. It serves to measure elapsed time and is particularly useful when run, cycling, diving, or just need to detect how much time do a thing. Adding chronograph is another reason sports watches have more volume as it has additional space on the dial timer elapsed time or place for functions like altimeter, barometer, compass and world time.

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The clocks have chosen to present here are from almost every sphere of active life, all have not only the necessary range of sports functions, but also a style that would Magazines in any situation.

Sports Doxa 100T SharkHunter Military Edition -One sports model designed for divers. The watch is an improved version of 1967 Doxa Sub and is the latest addition to the retro series the company. Sports Doxa 100T SharkHunter Military Edition is made of 316L stainless steel and is protected by a coating of steel. Powered by a modified ETA 2824 mechanism. This watch is visokovodoustoychiv to a staggering 1000 meters or 100 bar. The series is limited to 5000 pieces.

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The other model, which we will introduce a Seiko Velatura 200M Dive Chronograph, professional sports watch for divers with water resistance to 200 meters (20 bar). Caliber 7T92 is a chronograph that can be measured back to 12 hours of particles 1/20 of a second, and different lap times.