Beware the Smartphone-Trick Twenty

Who warned in recent days against trick twenty, as without you noticing it steals your smartphone from coffee table.

Who haunts currently trick twenty in Copenhagen, which steals your smartphone. All it takes is your mobile at the coffee table, and an A4 sheet.

Copenhagen police warns against thieves new tool, an A4 paper placed on the table over the unsuspecting coffee guests’ cell phones.

The method is simple: While coffee guest concentrates on what is said on paper lists the thief hand under it and the buttons on the phone. It writes our site.

Intruder group at Station Bellahøj marks the trend as rising.

-“It is something that we’ve seen really much on it recently. My best advice is to not let his phone lying ahead, “said Police Inspector Lars M, calling on people to sharpen the senses, if thieves should show up.

-“If this happens, contact the police. Even if they do not get rid of the place with the phone, we would like to have information to work from. See if there are other nearby who have noticed something. Write down the signalementet on the perpetrator, note which direction they go from the spot, what vehicle they use, “says Lars M.

The offenders are described as men of Eastern European origin, there are plain clothed, and incidentally not arouse attention.