BIG Launcher, or How to Convert Our Android in a Very Simple Phone

On more than one occasion talking to friends has left the issue of the complexity of the smartphones. While it is true that they are able to do many things the interface can be a barrier to entry less technologist for the public. It seems to us very easy but it is not the case for many others still remain with a classic mobile phone.

If you have a friend or family member who has an Android and every time he catches it the look with surprise because he doesn’t know very well how to use BIG Launcher is what you need. Unlike other launchers that are on the market this allows us to simplify the Android interface with large buttons and much easier to use.

As you can see in the screenshots the menus are many more simple and Visual. In addition the icons are pretty well worked thinking, again, all those who have a smartphone Android and interfaces like the one that comes by default, HTC Sense or company they are difficult.

This interface does not change all applications but if you offers a simplified version of the agenda, the text messages, camera, Gallery and a special button for calling the emergency number quickly.

BIG Launcher is located available in the Android Market at a price of 0.99 euros and do not have a free trial version. As idea seems pretty interesting and especially now face at Christmas, that more than one will give you a smartphone, is good to keep that in mind for all, regardless of our ability, we can enjoy Android.

BIG 1.3 Launcherversion

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: BIG Launcher Team
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: 0.99 EUR
  • Category: Launcher