Burden in English


The dictionary defined burden to the act and the result of being in your face. This verb refers to generating concern, anxiety, sadness, boredom or pain to a subject. The burden, in this way, is associated with the oppression, suffocation, suffocation and dejection that a person experiences due to anguish or pressure that they find difficult to bear.

For example: “I can no longer bear the stress at work: I am going to resign”, “The inhabitants of Baghdad suffered another day of stress with shootings and street bombs”, “These procedures cause me stress, but they are necessary to be able to get the documentation. ”

The burden comes from a situation that, for some reason, it is difficult for a person to tolerate or resist. Suppose a man who has to pay the mortgage on his house and has to support his three children is fired from his job. When not finding a new job, the subject feels overwhelmed: he does not know how to fulfill his financial obligations without having the possibility of working.

For many and varied reasons, a person can feel the aforementioned stress and even stress. In these cases, it is considered that what you should do is follow a series of guidelines and recommendations that will be useful to reduce those sensations and even to make them disappear. Specifically, among the most significant pieces of advice are the following:
-When it comes to stress due to work, it is always advisable to plan properly and prioritize the actions that are most urgent.
-You must always try to be positive and see the good side of everything.
-Instead of being overwhelmed and stressed, what you should do is look for solutions to put those distressing feelings aside.
-It is important that, daily, you have time for yourself, to enjoy hobbies, to forget about problems…
-In the same way, to avoid those feelings of anguish and stress appear it is advisable to practice exercise. Thus, it is established that it will be enough to, at least, do sports for half an hour a day.
-It is essential not to pressure yourself and not demand more than what can be covered. We are human beings and we have limits, so we must not exceed asking and demanding.
-Among the most useful tools that have recently become popular in order to end the burden and stress is what is called mindfulness. Thanks to this discipline you learn to relativize, to relax…

Sometimes the burden is linked to boredom or boredom. A woman who has spent five hours waiting to be seen in a state office to renew her driver’s license will surely feel overwhelmed by the delay and the loss of time.

To end the burden, the individual must promote a change in the situation, or receive help for such a change to take place. In the examples above, the unemployed man will overcome the burden of finding work and starting to generate income, while the woman who wants to renew her driver’s license will get out of the situation when she can finally complete the process.