Campaign for Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer 2011: Pain and Desolation Converted into Fashion

The photographer Steven Klein It was again responsible for the campaign Dolce & Gabbana spring-summer 2011, whose central theme and atmosphere focuses on the Sicilian fishermen. That Yes, this time images are presented in white and black and eroticism to which we are accustomed, signature has been left aside instead transmit sensations of pain, effort and, even, desolation, with images of great expressiveness.

To do so, it was attended models David Gandy, Noah Mills, Tony Ward, Adam Senn, Sam Webb, Sam Whitman and Travis, which are spectacular. All of them include Tony Ward, who with his facial expressions Gets the focus of many of the scenes.

This is true in this first image, in which his gaze occupies center stage, leaving the pulse of his companions. Roughness and virility contrasts greatly with the homoeroticism of other previous male brand campaigns.

The white shirts and black vests become garments ideal for works of great physical effort. Also the shorts, showing the body tension that deserves the situation.

White is a great protagonist of the campaign. Neck Baker t-shirts, shirts, Polo shirts and jerseys they remain pristine despite the strong activity of the scene.

The luxury also disappears at this time. Desolation, sadness and poverty take over this image, which still maintains the elegance. Again Tony Ward Gets the limelight. I love your attitude in this photo.

The total white looks with costume perhaps would be the last option that a fisherman would choose to do their job. Even so, Steven Klein and Dolce & Gabbana get that one could consider it as something possible. Terror gives me think that fish might rub some costumes.

In addition, we found two images – the other is in the Gallery –, in which David Gandy is the protagonist. And is that the glasses also have a place in this campaign.

Then you can also see the video with the making of, in the good atmosphere between the models, which contrasts with the result of images that include.

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