Cards Google Play Gift Even Closer Reach Spain, Now Let Redeem Them on Android

Earlier this month, we saw that the expected Google Play gift cards they prepared to reach Spain. Already be could redeem cards gift of Google Play through its web site, but to date have not been on sale and have nothing more is known of them.

Is still unknown when it will arrive in Spain, but it seems that its release is imminent, it could be a matter of days or a few weeks, already that if from a few weeks ago cards on the web is could redeem now already gift cards can be redeemed from the Google Play for Android application.

Google has recently activated the Redeem Google Play option cards gift in Spain. Before this option was not available in the application from our country, which would mean that already just need to put on sale the cards gift Google Play in stores.

A few days ago were put on sale cards gift in Australia, joining Germany, United States, France and United Kingdom. We will have to continue waiting for that matching cards gift in our country, but it seems that it will finally take little. 15, 25 and 50 euro cards will be sold in Spain.