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Lace Collar – Trend

How To Use Shirt With Lace On The Collar-Trend The shirts are with everything, now we have more in our wardrobe basic white or black only, with no interesting detail. Patterns, textures and details take care of new shirts. A template is doing very successfully, are shirts with lace collar, already has your?

Bridal Hairstyles

Trends in hairstyles for brides in 2015 The wedding day is a very important date in a woman’s life, so the biggest wish is that everything happens perfectly, as was planned. For that to happen we must watch with many details of the Organization of the party, but, in addition, also with the visual. The • Read More »

Tips for Putting Together a Lingerie Closet!

As essential as having a wardrobe with pieces that dress us for any occasion, is having a variety of lingerie pieces that ensure equally well-dressed days and nights. More than being sexy or seducing someone, a lingerie closet serves to leave you ready for any occasion, always feeling safe and confident. To help you with this mission, • Read More »

Female Shirt for Winter

2012 Winter-Fashion Shirts For Women Fashion always elects some parts as the darlings of the seasons, the time or the consuming public. Now, everyone please keep in your closet a shirt, what seemed, until recently, be a piece of clothing compatible with the more mature women and suitable only to go to work, now part of • Read More »

Valentina Marzullo Fashion Blogger

Today bigoconosciamo Valentina Marzullo, Roman fashion blogger since March 2010. Her blog is a very clean and always with interesting trendy ideas. I follow often I ThechicAttitude.combecause I really appreciate the care and passion that pours Valentina in his work and in his look.I ask how would you define her style: “I like to experiment with different • Read More »

Country Fashion

To Use Parts To Come In Fashionable “Country” The country music never did as successful as is currently making. And we know that all that music conquers usually will stop also in the fashion world, that’s why the “country” style is strong like you’ve never been before. You know what pieces bet to get in the mood? If • Read More »

5 Differentiated Finishes for Your Sweatshirt

Want to customize your travel sweatshirt, but do not know which finish to choose? Do not worry, this text will explain the details you need to know when choosing each type of product.

Transparency – How to Use

2012-Trend Fabrics With Transparencies Fashion is full of trends and bets, but you know how to properly use each one?Since summer is very high transparency, this is a hit in the world fashion quite complicated to use, but it is not impossible. All we need to use it without fear is to have common sense.

The Right Sportswear for the Transitional Period

The spring attracts the sport outside! But which sportswear is right now in the transitional period? After all, we do not want to freeze or unpleasant sweat. Here is the solution to the puzzle!

Summer Fashion Blouses

Trends Of Sweaters-Summer 2013 The most talked about topic of the moment is about fashion trends for spring/summer 2013. We’ve talked about shoes, accessories, swimwear and much more, now is the time of blouses. They are very important, since we’ve used many looks composed two pieces, always a skirt/Shorts/Pants and blouse.

Mountain Equipment Drilite – Just Dry and Easily

Already on the OutDoor trade fair last year, could we take a first look at the brand new Drilite collection of Mountain Equipment . Permanently water & windproof, breathable, lightweight, robust and even less than 250 euros. The British manufacturer makes it possible with his own diaphragm Drilite and offers five different types of jacket • Read More »

Models of Leather Jackets for Winter

Female Leather Jackets Models-Choose Your The leather jackets were already at high some time ago and now returned with everything, the play doesn’t leave winter trends for about three seasons. They combine with many other pieces, mainly with the that are part of our day to day looks, like the jeans. Just combine jeans, white blouse, jacket • Read More »

Lisbon Fashion Week

Moda Lisboa-2013 Winter While here in Brazil we’re worrying about fashion trends for spring/summer 2013, in the northern hemisphere the concern is already there in the fall/winter of the next year. In Lisbon, capital of Portugal, already rolled the parade launching all bets for the colder seasons of the year. We can anticipate some things and use • Read More »

Bras that Reduce

It is not always the case that those who have advanced breasts can easily find a nice bra and at the same time have good support. That is why today our post is dedicated to you that goes through this dilemma day by day.

Best Color for Winter

Here we are talking about winter trend, a very present trend and also very followed by lovers of good taste and fashion. Today we present a color that manages to create a complete trend alone: ​​golden. It is generally considered suitable for serious, evening look, the more challenging words.Look festive, from dinners, anniversaries. Nothing too ordinary. Surely the gold • Read More »

Shorts for Summer Models

Shorts-2013 Summer Trends The dresses may even be more feminine parts of the wardrobe of most women, but the hot pants, for sure, are the most comfortable. This item is essential in summer, especially when speaking in looks for the weekend, with unpretentious productions. See how to use the shorts, following the trends of summer 2013:

Dresses for Teens

Dresses For Young People Adolescence is a stage of life where everything is beautiful, everything is party, anything is possible. This can be reflected also in the mode of dress. The girls want everything to be perfect and beauty is essential in this step. Want a more feminine and beautiful than a dress? Here are a few options of • Read More »

How to Find the Perfect Shoe

It is true that only jogging you need to be motivated and some slippers, although at this time, as conditioned by the good new year’s resolutions, the belief is that any shoe is valid.

Morena Rosa Summer

Morena Rosa-Collection Spring/Summer 2013 The Morena Rosa is known for its beautiful collections, filled with modern clothes and, above all, with a lot of quality. For spring/summer 2013 the brand created your collection full of life, with metallized fabrics, embossed and colored. The “brazility” of MR is visible and charming.