Clergy in English

What is Clergy? As clergy is called the class made up of priests who are guided by Christian doctrine, according to the precepts of the Catholic Church. In this sense, clergy can also refer to the clergy considered as a whole. The word, as such, comes from the late Latin clerus , and this from the Byzantine Greek κλῆρος (kléros). As […]

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What is Carnation

Carnation in English

What is Carnation? Carnation is a plant whose natural habitat is the Mediterranean regions of Asia and Europe . It has also spread wildly throughout the Iberian Peninsula and has come to Latin America for commercial cultivation. The scientific name of the carnation is Dianthus caryophyllus and it belongs to the Caryophyllaceae family. The plant can measure between 45 to 60 centimeters and […]

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HD - Hard Disk

HD in English

The acronym HD can refer to two different meanings: “High Definition” or “Hard Disk”. Based on Abbreviation Finder, the former stands for “High Definition” and is used in most cases when referring to the image quality of a TV set. HDTV is a characteristic present in the most modern televisions that receive digital signal and present […]

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What is Centralism

Centralism in English

What is Centralism? Defined by digopaul, centralism is a form of government that is characterized by a central power that brings together all the powers of the State and the necessary powers to create laws that affect the rest of the country. Centralism is common in Ibero-American countries, influenced by Seville’s centralism, which at that time […]

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What are social classes

Social Classes in English

What are Social Classes? Social classes are a type of socioeconomic classification used to establish the groups into which society is divided, taking into account the characteristics that individuals have in common. The stratification of social classes emerged from the Industrial Revolution, hence it is a term in common use in modern industrialized countries. Social classes are […]

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What is Clandestine

Clandestine in English

What is Clandestine? As clandestine we designate something secret or hidden, or that is carried out in a very discreet way, so that it cannot be discovered. The word, as such, comes from the Latin word clandestīnus. The clandestine, in general, is also linked to any type of activity that is carried out with the back to the law, or without respecting the […]

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What is Shear

Shear in English

What is Shear? The word shear is the name given to a hand tool, quite similar to a scissor, but it differs due to its size and the force it can exert to cut different resistant materials. There are manual and mechanical shears. The shears can cut different materials such as thin metal and wood sheets, as […]

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What is Civilization

Civilization in English

What is Civilization? As a civilization it is called the set of customs, knowledge, arts and institutions that constitute the ways of life of a human society. In this sense, civilizations are societies that have reached a high degree of complexity in their forms of organization, their institutions, their social structure and their economic relations; that they are […]

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What is Civic

Civic in English

What is Civic? Cívica is an adjective that is used to refer to the behavior of citizens and the social coexistence of people who make up a society . The word civic derives from the Latin civĭcus , civis which means citizen. The word civic can also be replaced by the following synonyms: citizen or civil. Generally, the word civic is used […]

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What is a Citizen

Citizen in English

What is a Citizen? Citizen is an adjective that can designate what belongs to or related to the city or citizens. Also, as a citizen can be considered a person who is an inhabitant or native of a city. The word, in this sense, is derived from the Latin civĭtas, civitātis, which means ‘city’, and is composed with the suffix […]

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