Imparity Principle

Imparity Principle in English

What is the imparity principle? The imparity principle is one of the fundamental principles in double-entry bookkeeping . It stipulates that merchants must exercise the necessary caution when assessing all business transactions and therefore have to record losses as soon as they can be assumed. The principles of proper bookkeeping regulate the recording of business […]

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Shareholder in English

Various participation can be found within a company: there is the managing director, the shareholder , a supervisory board and much more. If you are a shareholder in a GmbH or another form of company, you have certain rights and obligations, which we would like to explain to you in more detail below. What is […]

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Facts about the duck condor

Duck Condor in English

The duck condor is the world’s largest bird of prey and therefore the largest of its kind. The duck condor is impressive in sight as it quietly glides around on its large, motionless wings. It also looks great when it steers down towards its rock shelf and strikes its feet out, spreading its neck to […]

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Facts about the cheetah

Cheetah in English

The cheetah has been named the hunting leopard because it is built with its incredibly fast speed to hunt and catch its prey. The cheetah is definitely worth noting on its journey abroad as it is incredibly overwhelming to experience. However, it can be difficult to spot this beauty as the cheetah is the fastest […]

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Hashtag in English

Whether Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – the various social media channels have become an indispensable part of everyday life. To get the latest information and to read different opinions on certain topics, use so-called hashtags when searching the networks. You can use these to draw the attention of other users to your postings on the […]

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Gymondo in English

After a stressful day at work, you don’t feel like going to the gym anymore, but still want to work out? Then the online gym Gymondo may be the ideal solution to get fit and stay slim – with workouts at home. Gymondo is an award-winning online fitness portal for beginners and advanced users Over […]

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Google Translate

Google Translate in English

Language barriers shape many situations in life – be it when traveling, meeting new people or working in international companies. Those who do not speak several languages ​​are often dependent on a translator in everyday life. The Google translator should enable quick and uncomplicated communication. The Google Translate is available for the browser and as […]

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Recurring Bill

Recurring Bill in English

In a statement for continuous power is in practice a permanent bill spoken. You use these as an entrepreneur if, for example, you always carry out the same orders or services for your customers at regular intervals. Another prerequisite is of course that the same payment is always agreed for these orders or services. In […]

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