Recurring Bill

Recurring Bill in English

In a statement for continuous power is in practice a permanent bill spoken. You use these as an entrepreneur if, for example, you always carry out the same orders or services for your customers at regular intervals. Another prerequisite is of course that the same payment is always agreed for these orders or services. In […]

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Income-Expenditure 5

Income-Expenditure in English Part V

Who is allowed to account for the income and expenses The income-expenditure account is the simple form of bookkeeping. This simplified bookkeeping can be used by all companies that are not obliged to keep double-entry bookkeeping. The self-employed who are allowed to determine their profit according to the rules of the income-expenditure account are in […]

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Income-Expenditure 4

Income-Expenditure in English Part IV

What is an income-expenditure account? An income-expenditure account is also known as an income surplus account, or EÜR for short. This calculation simplifies the determination of the profit of a company, regardless of whether it is a sole proprietorship or a large commercial enterprise. Only the operating income and operating expenses of a completed calendar […]

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Income-Expenditure 3

Income-Expenditure in English Part III

What do income and expenses change in the balance sheet? The income and expense account is a fundamental part of bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is a complete record of all financial transactions in a company. With the income-expenditure calculation, a company determines the taxable income from the difference between the business assets at the end of a […]

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Google Chrome in English

Among the established web browsers, Google Chrome from the USA is one of the youngest – introduced in 2008, the 89th version is now on the market. Shortly after its appearance, Google Chrome became the most widely used browser in the world. What is special about Google Chrome? How does the browser work and what […]

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Google Assistant

Google Assistant in English

Many people use the Google Assistant from Google as a practical everyday companion. It can be used to conveniently call up information from the Internet, control smart home devices or play your favorite music using voice commands or text input. The Google Assistant makes everyday life easier for the user by operating smart devices on […]

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