What is Civilization

Civilization in English

What is Civilization? As a civilization it is called the set of customs, knowledge, arts and institutions that constitute the ways of life of a human society. In this sense, civilizations are societies that have reached a high degree of complexity in their forms of organization, their institutions, their social structure and their economic relations; that they are […]

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What is Civic

Civic in English

What is Civic? Cívica is an adjective that is used to refer to the behavior of citizens and the social coexistence of people who make up a society . The word civic derives from the Latin civĭcus , civis which means citizen. The word civic can also be replaced by the following synonyms: citizen or civil. Generally, the word civic is used […]

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What is a Citizen

Citizen in English

What is a Citizen? Citizen is an adjective that can designate what belongs to or related to the city or citizens. Also, as a citizen can be considered a person who is an inhabitant or native of a city. The word, in this sense, is derived from the Latin civĭtas, civitātis, which means ‘city’, and is composed with the suffix […]

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What is Citizenship

Citizenship in English

What is Citizenship? Citizenship refers to the set of rights and duties to which the citizen or individual is subject in their relationship with the society in which they live. The term citizenship comes from the Latin civitas, which means ‘city’. Therefore, citizenship is the condition given to the citizen of being a member of an organized community. Citizenship implies rights and […]

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What is Cytosol

Cytosol in English

What is Cytosol? Cytosol is the intracellular fluid in cells that makes up most of what is called the cytoplasm in cells The word cytosol has its origin in the Greek and is made up of the words solu – which indicates “soluble” and which refers to what is “related to the cell”, in this case the cytoplasm. In its […]

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What is Cytoplasm

Cytoplasm in English

What is Cytoplasm? The cytoplasm is located below the cell membrane and, in turn, lines the cell nucleus. It is one of the essential parts of cells. It basically consists of the cytosol (water, salts and proteins that, together, give it a gelatinous density), the cytoskeleton (proteins that support the cell) and organelles or organelles (compartments with specialized functions). The cytoplasm in eukaryotic cells (with […]

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What is Cytology

Cytology in English

What is Cytology? Cytology is the science that studies cells. It is also commonly known as laboratory tests to determine abnormalities in cells in a certain area of ​​the body. In biology, cytology is known in turn by the name of cell biology. The cell is defined as the base unit of life by Robert Remak (1815-1865) in 1830, who […]

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Poppy in English

Poppy is the common name with which a variety of wild plants are known, typical of North America, Asia and Europe, as well as its flower. The word, as such, derives from ababol. Poppies are annual plants, of the Papaveraceae family, usually with red flowers, the stem covered with bristling hairs, the capsule fruit and the blackish-colored seed. It grows frequently […]

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Amber in English

The term amber refers to a fossil resin of conifers, yellow, more or less dark, electrizable, with good color. Also, it is used as an adjective to indicate that a thing has a color between yellow and orange, such as fossil resin, for example: “I bought a shirt for this night amber.” The expression amber, is also known as “succino” , is […]

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Environmentalism in English

The word environmentalism refers to those social and community movements whose main cause is the protection and preservation of the environment. These types of movements are usually also referred to as conservationism, green politics or environmentalism. This last term, however, should not be confused with the word ecology, which means ‘science that studies the environment’. Environmentalism has been growing as the […]

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