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Accessories for Summer

Trend-Accessories For Spring/Summer 2013 Despite the cold be just starting, no mention of anything else in the fashion world than the trends for spring/summer 2013. In addition to the stakes for clothes and shoes, is also very important that we know what kinds of accessories will be used in the hottest season of the year. Rings, earrings, • Read More »

New Year’s Eve Accessories

How about investing in accessories to create the perfect look for the turn of the new year? With necklaces, bracelets and even tiaras, accessories have the power to stop any more beautiful and elegant Maxi necklaces, pedrarias, bracelets … Often are the accessories that give a touch more on our look and not the dress itself. Bet • Read More »

Earrings for Wedding – See the Templates that Are Trend

Wedding is an unforgettable moment for the bride and groom and for friends who are part of that love story, immortalized in a ceremony. And we know that the bridesmaids are important, especially for the bride, who usually have to your friends and family side which has great emotional value in your life.

Tips to Choose the Accessories of the Dress

What I’m going to provide here is very important so that you can have a beautiful image, by which talk about tricks to choose the dress accessories where we have to tell you that these aggregates are the capstone to all your outfit such as a finishing touch to give you a different look that plays an • Read More »

Christmas Accessories to Wear

In view of Christmas 2014 all the collections are filled with accessories fashion inspired by the festivities, the colors that distinguish them according to tradition and themed shapes. As you can imagine, even the accessories lines excel see the red, as well as gold, silver, emerald green and glitter, adapted from time to time to jewelry, the hair items, to • Read More »

Bet on Pom – Pom Earrings

OII okay everybody? Haha, people today I came very inspired by a wonderful thing I found rummaging through the internet, Pom-pom earrings! Ever seen one? heard about them? These earrings are cute and exotic things and gay that I’ve found, getting into this vibe of exotic earrings-soon full post-brought to you those cuties, I hope you love • Read More »

Most Popular Fashion Accessories

Shoes, glasses, necklaces … Some accessories were so important in the life of a few celebrities who have won your ultimate playground in the fashion world. Find out which accessories can not miss in your look!

Accessories for Use on Prom

Tips For Use In Your Graduation Graduation is a very special occasion, so most of the girls who are about to go through that worry, especially with the look that will use on your graduation, on your receipt or even at the ball. In addition to the dress, the choice of accessories is also essential to • Read More »

Idar Oberstein: Gem and Jewelry City

Traditional city in Rhineland-Palatinate with about 32,000 inhabitants is known worldwide as a gem and jewelry city and apart from Pforzheim, Germany, Hanau and Schwabisch Gmund one of the four most important jewelry centers in Germany. Enriched by your own gemstone mines cities Idar and Oberstein many golds mithing and agate polishing plants were excellent-the first mention of • Read More »

Fashion Bracelet

You’ve probably heard the phrase “fashion is cyclical” or realized during the collections that many items that were a few years trends appear slightly redesigned. This happens with bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings and allows the in love with accessories to increase even more their collections, innovate and remain always in accordance with global trends.

Natural Stone Bracelet: What Are the Best Stones?

On the catwalks, novels, movies and even in everyday life, the bracelets are stamped items among Brazilian women. With different options for colors and sizes they help compose looks stripped or requiring more seriously and are perfect for helping give that raised basic parts used in daily life between the tracks is the natural stone • Read More »

Upgrade The Look for Happy Hour!

Your company makes a happy hour every week? Or your friends call you to grab a drink after work? Or even the boy sends message that wants to meet you soon after work? Nothing better than being always prepared for any occasion and make it turn the look of Office in a proper production to mend the cocktail after a day of work. For • Read More »

Bracelets: How to Mount a Powerful Mix

Rings and earrings can not miss.. But you know the importance of choosing a good bracelet? The bracelets are indispensable items of bloggers and fashionistas. It’s very handy for when you are using a common clothes and want to maintain a more delicate in your look.

Beautiful Chains for the Spring

Soon we did it and we can leave the dreary winter behind us. Spring is already close to touch and especially in clothes and accessories, we are already in spring mood. In my blog today I show you the most beautiful chains for spring.

Alliance Dressing Ring: Know Everything about This Jewelry!

It is interesting to see that some old traditions sometimes go out of style, but then they are rescued and come back with everything. The use of the alliance trimmer ring is one such case. Do you know this jewel? In the old days, it was customary to use this piece to protect and adorn wedding rings, • Read More »

Pearls in the 20th Century

The Rise And Fall Of A Piece Of Jewellery Since ancient times, people want beads. Many saw it as a financial investment. In London and Paris, the centers of the Pearl trade, sets of pearl merchants and purchase rallied at the beginning of the 20th century. Some praised the brilliant white gold of the Lake as the excellent • Read More »

Jewelry and Watches in RosÉGold for Her and Him

Jewelry in rose gold is currently on everyone’s lips.This has actually been a long time, and the popular gold tone is now really present in all areas of the jewelry.What is new, however, is that this warm, delicate tone is no longer just for you, but also for Him.Yes, you heard right.Jewelery and accessories in • Read More »

In the Realm of the Black Pearl

Tahiti Cultured Pearls The God Oro was really no slouch. As God of war he was otherwise not just prissy, and the population of Tahiti used to be appeased with human sacrifices occasionally. But all of this did not make him happy.