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5 Facts about Chronoswiss

The first glass housing floor and four other special features First, Gerd-Rüdiger Lang only repaired the watches of IWC. But as customers asked for timepieces with phases of the moon, which did not exist at that time in quartz watches, the watchmaker master began to build his own mechanical watches. So came 1983 the first • Read More »

Union GlashÜTte: 3 Times Belisar Chronograph Moon Phase

Union Glashütte changes fine details on your Belisar chronograph The Lisar chronograph moon phase of union Glashütte is therefore elegant and functional. Its automatic caliber Ung-25.01 on the basis of the ETA-Valjoux 7751 enables a stop function, moon phase display and a full calendar.

5 Swiss Manufactories First Hand Experience – Reader ‘S Journey Chronos

Visit To Omega, TAG Heuer, Zenith And Two Other Brands The first reader’s journey of the Chronos led 15 watch fans in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel this week. There they visited the watch brands TAG Heuer, Montblanc, Zenith, Girard-Perregaux and Omega under the direction of the Chronos chief editor, Rüdiger Bucher. Each manufactory gave the readers exclusive insights into the development and production of their • Read More »

Wall Clock Decoration Step by Step

Make wall clock decor to also repaginate the look of your room.Choose the patterns and colors you prefer.

Apple Watch Users: Heavy Fines for Smart Watch at Wheel

For using a Apple Watch at the wheel, the police has known a Canadian on a juicy penalty:the Jeffrey Macesin had to pay 120 dollars (just under 90 euros), after the police had taken him out of circulation.

Strange Apple Watch Survey: 14 Buyers Don’t Like Smart Watch

With the Apple Watch Apple provided ample discussions – the one they want, others hate it and again others do not know what you should need the smart clock. But even buyers are averse to an admittedly questionable and non-representative poll again by the smart watch and would not recommend it.

Luxury Male Accessories!

Accessories are the peak of a person’s style. Day by day we end up getting dressed “equal” to someone, there’s no escape, but you can dare and use something different.

Iwc: Watch Heritage 48 Sihh

Eight-day watch in 48-millimeter format IWC revised 2016–80 years after the introduction of its “Spezialuhr for fliers”–not only all existing pilot watches, but also introduces completely new models. One of these is the great watch Heritage 48, which IWC calls the modern successor of the Great watch of 1940. The 48 mm Titanium case is • Read More »

Business Watches As a New It-Piece

For some time I have seen more and more women and men with wristwatches .In times of the always present smart phone is the watch on the wrist actually a dispensable accessory and nevertheless this development?I believe that the watch turned more and more from the practical timepiece to the style-piece.The clock is and remains • Read More »

Jewelry and Watches in RosÉGold for Her and Him

Jewelry in rose gold is currently on everyone’s lips.This has actually been a long time, and the popular gold tone is now really present in all areas of the jewelry.What is new, however, is that this warm, delicate tone is no longer just for you, but also for Him.Yes, you heard right.Jewelery and accessories in • Read More »

The Sports Watch of Geneva Watchmaker

Today begins the Geneva Clock. The Swiss watch industry is set to rescue two opposing strategies. From beginner models and collectors.

Smart watch “Agent”: 1 Million Dollars By Kickstarter

A few hours ago, reader Chris, who belonged to the enthusiastic early adopters who kickstarter financially presented the project “AGENT” presented in 2013 financially. This Smart watch came very close to the Pebble Smar watch in its concept and was therefore only interesting. 100,000 dollars were allegedly sufficient for the device, but over a million dollars was • Read More »

Smartwatches Review

With the Samsung Galaxy Gear, I had quite timely to the Simvalley-Smartwatch another device, which originates from the new-reviving product category. But many people were disappointed after the presentation of the Galaxy Gear, because a too small functional range with a bad battery time caused also initially with me for displeasure. And now, confirm the first • Read More »

My Favorite Jewelery for the Wrist

Today, I am back in line with my current favorites.Jewelery is such an incredibly great area that I always discover new treasures.And sometimes quite honest girls, can you ever have enough jewelry?Be honest with you now.N / A?I think, no!With jewelry it is like with shoes.What is so good, looks great and always smiles at • Read More »

Zepp Play Football on Test: the Tracker for Soccer Players

For years, I have been looking for a suitable tracker for my weekly football activities. Now we were able to test a suitable device extensively with the Zepp Play Football. If you just run straight and still in the fresh air, for a relatively accurate tracking can simply take the smart phone or a smart watch • Read More »

Gifts for Men for Christmas: Jewelry and Watches

To find gifts for Him, that is such a thing.But honestly, if you (woman) is a few thoughts, the path to the perfect gift for Him is not far.And yes, even men are looking forward to jewelry, watches and accessories.You should choose jewelry and watches only type-fair.Men are no different than women.Here are our gift • Read More »

Edifice Has New And Limited Edition Watches With Toro Rosso

After the smartwatches fully digital, analog watches, the time has come to explore the technology and capacity of smartphones for more advanced features and powerful, making it more complete. The Edifice brings 3 models that use this feature to your favor, check them below: